Can anyone recommend a good yoga DVD for a beginner?

Asked by AngharadM

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Gaia produces quite a few excellent yoga videos. Also, they have a new program which is a Yoga club with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman. I haven't tried it yet. Based on my past experience with Gaia yoga products I would expect it to be quite good though. Good Luck!
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Kate Potter :)
Hi Angharad!
The best Yoga DVD I have come across is by Eric Shifman and Alil McGrew. Very very good and beautifully filmed.
I can offer a very good yoga cd for deep relaxation and as an aid to restlessness and for promoting concentration, as a step towards meditation .see
on the yoga page, this will definatly help.
Hi Angharad, would you be interested in learning Yoga from me as I'm a Yoga teacher and i do Beginner classes on a one-to-one basis. I've been trained in India, you may visit my website to find out prices etc and what it entails: I live in Palmers Green, do you live close? Let me know if you're interested, my contact details are on my site.


Thank you, at the moment I'm just looking to find a DVD so I can try it out at home.
Hi Angharad
I can recommend A Spectrum of Yoga by the British Wheel of Yoga. It shows lots of modifications as well as a variety of warm ups, yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation. Best wishes