how much does it cost to get a single mole removed?

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Hi Garrie
The fee for a mole removal is around £260 at McIndoe Surgical Centre, however, we must keep in mind that there are fees from the hospital (differs for every location - although it is £230 for hospital fee plus histology if necessary for McIndoe).
This is all assuming the mole can be removed in outpatients... if it is main theatre - prices will vary and it woill be better to come for a consultation and agther the information that way.
It is always worth remember if you have private medical insurance this procedure may be covered on your policy.
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Dear Garrie
The decision for mole removal may vary: it can be for cosmetic reasons but sometimes we remove moles because of recent changes such as bleeding, crusting, itching or a change in size, shape or colour.
You have heard that there are essentially two methods to do this (usually under a local anaesthetic - with you awake) - to cut out the mole to leave a straight line scar or a 'shave excision' to leave a small chickenpox-type scar
Prices will vary depending on the method used and the hospital costs (approx £200-£500). As Marc mentions, it is worth remembering that sometimes the surgeon will recommend send the mole away to be examined (pathology= histology).
As you have heard, it is important to look for a badging of quality and always ask if your surgeon is a Plastic Surgeon and a member of BAPRAS or BAAPS.
Good luck!
For excision of a simple mole - whether it is shaved or excised (cut out), prices will vary between £200-£500, depending on the size of the mole, the location and the clinic or hospital you visit. If you have medical insurance, it may be possible to get the surgery covered by your insurance.
Also, it is important to be aware, that it may be necessary to send the mole off for examination in the laboratory if there are any suspicious features. This may add to the cost if you are paying for it yourself.
Dear Garrie,
Yes, I agree with Raina in that it varies depending on the size of the mole. If it is particularly large, it may need more extensive surgery, but most moles can be removed under local anaesthetic in the outpatient department. Personally, I sometimes remove the mole on the same day as the outpatient appointment if prior notice is given and this can help avoid you having to come back for a second visit for the surgery.
Different hospitals charge different amounts and there may also be extra costs for the initial consultation, histology and follow up visits. I offer a fixed price package, which includes the consultation fee, and all of the hospital costs including histology and all follow ups. This starts at £650. Good luck.
Jonathan Staiano
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Dear Garrie,
prices will vary depending on the method of mole removal required. This in turn depends on the the type of the mole, its size and its position. If it is a simple, relatively small raised mole (and doesnt exhibit any suspicious features or behaviour) shave excision and cautery should suffice. If it is larger or more sinister it usually requires fromal excision and clusore of the woundwith stitches.
Prices vary from clinic to clinic. A, Aesthetic Virtue shave excision + cautery of a mole costs £180 and formal excision _ suturing starts from £250.
It is recommended that any lesion removed is sent off to the pathology lab for examination. The lab will usually invoice the patient separately.
It is alway a good idea to have the mole in question seen by your GP beforehand, as if it is possibly worrying, you should be referred to the NHS or to a plastic surgeon.
Hope this helps
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