Hi. I have scarred patches on my bottom lip and wanted to have them removed. Will laser help me?

I want to remove the scars from my lips and lighten the color of the dark patches so my lip color is evened out. can laser do this for me? What are the costs involved?
Asked by london123

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Scars and colour change can be very hard to treat. Young scars will generally get better whatever you do but it often takes up to 18 months. Although many people will tell you that any number of treatments are effective there are only a few that have been proven. Generally silicone gel, steroid injections and sometimes surgery are the only reliable treatments. In a small number of cases LASER may help.
Colour change may be even harder. If it is due to increased pigment there may be some benefit from certain creams or LASER but if it is due to increased blood supply (when you press the skin it goes to normal) then LASER may be useful or giving it time to settle.
The best approach for you to take is to see a Plastic Surgeon or dermatologist to review your upper lip and make a treatment plan with you.
Baljit Dheansa
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I would try medical needling - perfect for smoothing out scars, there's a video of a treatment on my web site if you wnat to see a demo of it (cut and paste the followeing to link to it): http://www.indulgencebeauty.me.uk/microneedling.htm
Best wishes, Tracy
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