Can anyone recommend natural remedies for travel sickness?

I'm not a fan of pain-relief pills or travel sickness tablets, so am looking for some natural ways of helping relieve travel sickness/nausea.
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Peppermint oil is brilliant. I used to put a couple of drops onto a tissue for my daughter when she was travelling long distances and it always worked


Would be my recommendation also
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Ginger is used by sailors to help with sea sickness - it can can be found in many forms, ginger biscuits, crystallised, tea and also as an aromatherapy oil which would be best delivered using an oil burner.
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cocculous is the no.1 for travel sickness...I'd pop 1 30c pill every 15 mins - 30 mins leading up to the journey & then during the journey itself (stop popping when you feel the symptoms reduce)
If that doesn't do the trick a good combination is cocc/tabac/petroleum
Hello Charley
I used to suffer really badly with travel sickness, before a trip I once tried Nelsons Travella which is a homeopathic remedy which I found really helpful. Here is the link
I also have read that Ginger can be helpful some people even suggest the crystalised ginger to eat as a sweet although I prefer the fresh root which can be drank in tea you could add honey to sweeten the taste. Or you could also use ginger aromatherapy oil which can be inhaled.
Hope this is of some help
Many thanks
Nelsons homeopathic pharmacy make a great remedy for travel sickness called Travella which has a combination of homeopathic remedies. You can pick it up in most Boots stores. Hope that helps! Claire
Sea Bands are excellent for preventing travel sickness. They are wrist bands that work on an acupressure point inside the wrist and they're very effective. Our daughter was desperately sick when we began to drive around New Zealand but after she got her Sea bands she never had another moment's nausea or sickness. She wasn't the only one who was grateful! :)
Hi there,
Besides ginger, try some calming Lavender oil (buy a 100% essential Lavender oil). 1 drop is enough to gently rub on both temples (Lavender oil is very effective but can also be strong if used neat; beware if you have sensitive skin).
Otherwise I would recommend having Reiki before travelling (and learning some basic Reiki techniques to help you during a trip), doing regular meditation/visualisation exercises tailored towards focusing on being 'well' (ideal if you travel with an Mp3 player) or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique; works on the meridian points in the body).
Contact me if you're interested in booking Reiki sessions or meditation sessions as I offer both in my practice.
I hope this helps! You are welcome to get in touch if you have any questions or would like a free consultation.
Best wishes, Daniella
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I agree with the using ginger to help with symptoms, also would recommend EFT, I haven't tried it on this yet, but as Gary Craig said, "try it on everything"! There seem to be few conditions that "tapping on" doesn't help.
Ginger works well, like Harbirsingh said. Sipping on a tea before or during your journey helps. Or nibble on ginger biscuits during the trip.
Also, you get little travel bands that you wear on your wrist - they sedate a pressure point that conects to your liver and won't make you feel sick / nausea. Most pharmacies sell them nowadays.
For therapy, I would recommend Kinesiology or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as it goes to the root of the cause and clears it.
Good luck, and safe travels =)
Cocculus Indicus is the most well used homeopathic remedy for motion sickness. Nausea, especially when it worsens with the sight or smell of food, is a keynote of this remedy. The person may feel extremely weak and dizzy and have to lie down, or may have an empty or hollow feeling in the stomach. Symptoms may be worse after becoming cold, moving about or from lack of sleep. This remedy is often used for car or sea sickness, when watching moving objects makes the nausea and dizziness feel worse.
There are other remedies commonly used for travel sickness and it may well be worth consulting a homeopath, if you or your travelling companions suffer from it to try to find the best remedy before you go.
Another way of tackling the issue is to use a combination of the homeopathic remedies Cocculus Indicus, Petroleum and Tabacum, which is available from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy or the seven remedy combination known as “Travella” manufactured by Nelsons.
Many people swear by taking Ginger as a natural remedy in tea or capsules and some who use acupressure bands on the wrists, which press at the point known as P6 to combat travel sickness.
There are many natural things to try, which should avoid the drowsiness sometimes associated with other medicines.


Thanks Kathy, is Cocculus Indicus beneficial for plane-sickness as well as car/train?
Homeopaty is very good for this.
Cocculus Indicus - a homeopathic remedy is great for travel sickness.
Mohamed Caffoor
The classic herbal remedy is ginger.
Ginger is known as an anti-emetic and can prevent nausea and vomiting.
You could try sucking on crystallised ginger, drinking ginger tea or looking for it in capsule form.
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