What is the tan jab and is it safe?

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The tan jab is also known as Melanotan. It has not been passed as safe in this country and I personally would not recommend you use it. Take a look at this link for more info on it!!............................http://www.botox.co/?s=melanotan


try Santorini Sun from Oz 100% Organic no parabens, no chemicals etc you will love it!
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Actually what is the tan jab
I am the fake tan queen!! i think I have tryed every sunless tanner on the market , the best I have found recently is called Santorini Sun, made in Australia and it is sensational no ornage tones no smell and 100% Organic, sunbeds are nbanned in Australia now due to the high skin cancer risks, Santorini Sun is great no streaking either.
Tan job is application of fake tan. It is applied by spraying solution over the either whole or certain parts (e.g. legs). Then it is left for a certain time to develop. Time will vary from brand to brand and during this time it is advised not to shower, otherwise the shade will be washed-off. For longer lasting results it is best to have full body exfoliation.
It is safe as long as the solution is manufactured by a reputable company and applied correctly by a trained specialist.
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Yes i agree that it does lase longer if you exfoliate, but it also will last longer on someone that has a higer melanin content in there skin, where as I am a glow in the dark so I do not get as long out if them but it dosent bother me. Also a tip for you fake tanners out there if you ever get a build up you can use Veet hair removal cream it will remove it...not a pleasent smell but it really works and sadly there are some bad spray tanners out there!