What's the best wash-off tan on the high street?

I have tried lots of moisturisers but being very pale I tend to look orange. What wash-off sprays or lotions are the best to use?
Asked by charleymarley

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I would always reccommend a professional spray tan. The therapist will be able to select a shade suitable for your skin.
I am very pale and never tan always burn. When I have a professional spray tan I always have an 8% DHA.
The problem is with gradual tanners is that although they only have a low DHA of 4% you keep loading it onto the skin so you end up with DHA overload and this is what is making you orange.
Stick with the pro's and if not try something that is wash off like Rimmel 24 hr tan. At least if you hate the colour you can get it straight off!
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I would recommend you to have a professional spray tan they last about a week you will not want to wash it off and it shouldnt look orange it is practically impossible to spray yourself with success there are before and after preparations to a good tan which a theapist will advise you on from sheila qualified therapist sidmouth devon Bodyshaders 01395578343 all the very best
I use the Garnier moisturiser. This way I can build up a tan gradually. Nothing worse than going to bed pale and waking up with an over the top tan that you cant do anything about except wait until It wears off. Orange is never a good colour to be!
If you get the right spray tan you'll never look back. Look for a brand which offers differing DHA %'s like Unreal. They have a selection from 6% through to a dark 12%. You can have them mixed by your therapist to make a "bespoke" colour for your skin tone. They also do an after care range which you can top up yourself if you want. They are without doubt the best brand and they use organic Ecocert DHA, no smell and very natural looking. I know they're not so well known but they are catching on check their website http://www.unreal.me.uk for salons near you. Good luck!
I am very pale and never tan either. I use sunspa tan in a can. it is £15 a tin but i find it works amazing.!
If something a little less expensive, i'd say tan-tastic. you can get it from any semi-chem and work great.