What is the best way to recover from aching muscles after a workout?

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Another thing you can do to help prevent muscle soreness is to make sure you are properly hydrated before, during and after your workout also get a protien shake down your neck strainght after training, as your muscles are more receptive to protien uptake during the first hour after training a shake during this time is better than solid food as it is not needed to be broken down by the body and so will enter the blood strean faster
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Rest and recovery is an essential part to any work out routine or event, here are my top tips:
- Adequate cool down and long stretch at the end of your session. Move at a low intensity for around 5-10 minutes and have a long stretch of all major muscle groups.
- Replace fluids - hydration is KEY!!!
- Eat properly - ideally within 60 mins post sport, complex carb and a good protein
- Engage in light active recovery (short and light exercise) which will help the muscles repair
- Have a massage which will improve the circulation and break down the toxins
- Sleep, your body produces growth hormone which is largely responsible for tissue growth and repair
- Avoid over training
Hope this helps!
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Muscle soreness can be your friend as it is telling you that adaption is taking place as long as that is you are getting the right foods in the right quantities and that you are not over training. Generally speaking warming down after exercise to bring the body back down to pre exercise levels will help disperse lactic acid that has built up in the muscles. (Lactic Acid is a by product of exercise) Also a post exercise stretching session will help allieviate delayed onset muscle soreness as well thogh this wont stop it completely. Also a swim in the pool is good for stopping alot of soreness as the water has a massaging effect upon the muscles.
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To aid recovery I would recommend consuming foods high in protein within one hour of your workout. If you workout first thing in the morning then eggs are a brilliant source of protein and so healthy and versatile. For lunch or dinner, lean chicken, fish or tofu is a good source of protein. If you are stuck for time or are inbetween meals then a protein shake or bar is an alternative for on the go because they deliver the right amount of protein. Even a pint of good old fashioned milk will do the job to aid recovery :o)
As with all remedies, what works for one person may not be as effective for someone else so its down to personal preference.
- Massage to stimulate circulation and encourage toxin draininage
- Cold bath - only the brave
- Anti-inflammatory medication
- Gentle exercise/ stretching
- Compression garments/ stockings
- Heat gels/ creams
- Muscles grown and repair whilst resting/ sleeping so a good nights rest after strenuous exercise is a must.
- As always nutrition plays an important part in your bodies recovery
- hydration, hydration, hydration - before, during and after
I personally find that a good rub down/ massage and gentle exercise gives me the quickest recovery time.
the body works as a unit. the best way to tackle delayed onset muscle sorness is an hollistic approach. this will incompass proper nutrition; to facilitate the building and repair of muscle, adequate rest between sessions; to facilitate recovery and neurovascularisation of tissue; through massage, hot showers and stretching. More specific advice will depend on the type of training you do and your goals.
Hope this helps.
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