If you work out outdoors (i.e. in the sun) do you need to hydrate more than if you exercise indoors?

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I am glad to hear that you are training outside and not just in the gym. Generally speaking you should consume about a litre of water per hour of arduous physical exercise. If the enviroment that you are training in is warm or hot then you will need to look at increasing the amount of water you are drinking. Though the heat of the sun in this country isnt really sufficient to bring temperatures that require increased amounts of hydration above a litre, even when exercising in Iraq in the heat out there the body only needs about 1.5 litres per hour of exercise, providing that you are well hydrated throughout the day. A good rule is pee clear twice a day and you are hydrated.
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Thanks Dan, for the advice and the offer. I am not based in the UK, though it's not as hot as Iraq either! I'll keep your advice in mind.
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Well if your exposed to any sun light over a period of time whilst active its a 'must' to keep topped up with fluids.
On the other hand when your working out its vital to stay hydrated by drinking 150ml per every 15mins in an hour. (thats ablout 2 mouthfuls/ Gulps). Of course now its hot and body temperature is even moreso increased then you would drink slightly more.
My advice is that you dont wait intil your totally thirsty as by that time dehydration has already started.
yes absolutely. everybodys is different so to give exact quantities is unrealistic. as general guidance you have to be aware of the sign of dehydration; dry mouth, tiredness, dry lips, coloured urine (should idealy be clear/no colour). This will give you a more accurate measure of if you are drinking enough. You should also consider replacing electrolytes after training to speed up hydration but this will depend on the training intensity and your personal goals.
Hope this helps.
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Yes. When outdoors the water will evaporate from your skin a lot quicker than indoors. If you add in to the equation heat from the time of year then you will need to up your water intake to compensate for this.
Water intake will vary per person, but if you take 2lt per day as a minimum, then add on from there.
Remember, little and often so your body can absorb it, otherwise your body will want to pass it out as urine and you will end up more dehydrated.
Hope this helps
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Its all dependant on how much you sweat, which will depend on how humid and hot it is both indoors and outdoors.
Try to think about how much water you should be drinking as 3 times the amount you are sweating. A lot of water is lost during exercise through both sweat and to keep your body moving, so try and keep that as a rough guidline is what I would suggest.
Hope this has helped :)
Sure because your body Temp will raise higher then normal , Exercise enviroment always effect candidate body thats why where is the challange begin ?
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Thanks for the reply. I want to know how much I should be drinking per mile I walk. My walks vary between 2km and 10km.
as for how much to drink when you are walking depends on how hard you are working as the harder you work the more fluid is lost from sweating. if you follow my guide lines of 1 litre per hour of ardouous phyiscal activity you wont go far wrong. When i was in the Army an 8 mile speed march would have 3 water stops to hydrate but this was carrying a 40lb pack and rifle and helmet weighing a further 22lbs.
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