What's the best cardio workout for the lower body?

I am doing power plates every week and feel like it's really helping with toning, but I still need to lose weight around my middle. What's the best cardio activity to target that area?
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You have already been given many very good answers to your question.
It is correct that you can't 'spot reduce' the fat from one particular area. You could do stomach crunches all day long and although you would notice your abdominals getting more toned the fat around your stomach would still be covering your six-pack abs.
You didn't mention how often you are training each week or if you are watching what you eat at the same time.
I always tell prospective clients (and anyone who will listen) that your diet is about 75% of the equation and exercise the other 25%. So if you are not eating and drinking correctly you are fighting a losing battle. It is not about a short time fad diet, it is about adopting a healthy eating lifestyle that you can stick to. This will give you more energy and amp your metabolic rate as well.
Patience and good nutrition is the key, if you are training at least 3 times a week and eating healthily you will tone up and achieve the results you are after. Cardio sessions where you are working the 'big' muscle groups combined with resistance training will speed up the results.
Try cycling, shuttle runs (sprints and jogs), burpees etc. mixed with resistance exercises such as Medicine ball slams, Woodchops, Turkish Get Ups, Kettlebell/ Dumbbell swings etc. and you will definitely receive your results.
There is no 'best' exercise, everyones body and personal likes are different. Experiment with different exercises until you find ones that you like.


Thank you, this is really informative. At the moment I am doing power plate classes once or twice a week which is why I want to do what I can cardio-wise for the rest of the time. I'm definitely working on my diet too! Thanks for the advice, will keep at it :)
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Well running is a great cardio workout and just 10 minutes at the right speed and intensity can help, however not everyone likes running. Rowing is also a fantastic fat burner and all over body workout, again at the right speed and intensity, on a concept 2 indoor rowing machine try to complete:-
200m x 10 sets with a 30 sec interval inbetween each set - try to be quick but consistant, also try to beat your overal time in your next session.
Hi Judy,
The body store excess fat around the waist, buttocks and thighs in women. Anything you do to burn fat will have an effect on this central fat distribution. The leaner you become the greater reduction in the weight around the middle. Running and swimming are excellent exercises which work on all aspects of fitness; flexibility, strength, endurance and conditioning
I have just lost alot of weight and if I am totally honest the middle section is the last thing to go, but with alot of hard work, I do boxing,kickboxing, weights and circuits 5-6 times aweek you will see results. The more you move the more you lose is my moto.
Hi Judy, If you are already doing Power Plate training you are using the best machine and one that is also scientifically proven to not only tone your body but, coupled with watching your food intake, will help you lose weight more than conventional exercise. Even better, it will reduce fat around your middle in particular.
There are however a couple of problems. Firstly, many people say they are doing power plate training when they are actually using completely different machines which bear no resemblance to the technology of Power Plate. Most of these machines work by standing on them while they wobble on a platform that is balanced on a central pivot. These machines, despite their claims will not have the effect that Power Plate has.
Secondly, if you are using an actual Power Plate you may not have been shown how to use it properly.
To get the best results check out your nearest Power Plate studio (all of them are listed on Power Plate UK's website) and experience the difference.
I've been a Personal Trainer for over 14 years and have never seen such quick results in toning, fat loss and cardiovascular improvement in comparison to conventional exercise. I have a long list of clients who will testify to that. To all those people who don't believe it, try the actual Power Plate machine (no copycat model) and make sure you are getting trained by a qualified Power Plate instructor!
If you are based in Glasgow I would be happy to give you (and any other people who are sceptical) a free trial session.


Thanks David, I am definitely a big fan of power plate! I go to Fitness for Every Body who use the Power Plate machines and their classes are brilliant - I've never ached so much before (in a good way)! http://www.wahanda.com/place/fitness-for-everyone-power-plate-and-personal-training-studio/
I will definitely be keeping it up and I know they do more energetic classes so maybe I will combine my cardio and toning that way!
I've had a look at their website and you are in the right place. By the look of it the CardioVibe classes would be the ones to go for. No need to do anything else.
Hi Judy-J, I think the best thing is to get your heart rate going by running, skipping and/or star jumps. Then, some side beds. To give you more leverage and make the exercise harder, you could try with your arms outstretched above your head.
Of course, good old-fashioned sit-ups is a great waist-whittler too!
lol you cant spot reduce body fat it doesnt work like that you need to be in a calorie deficite to loose fat. Power plate may well help tone muscle but it is not going to make you physically fit is it! The best advice you should be getting is dont worry so much about the cosmetics of physical fitness training and spend more time having a serious look at how your training is increasing your physical ability to perform physically demanding tasks. Forget pointless fad exercise techniques and equipment stick to the basics for real training that will produce real results. If this is the first time you have been told this , then you need to ask some serious questions about the competence and integrity of so called trainers that tell you otherwise.
basically you can't spot reduce certain areas of the body. If you continue to do what you're doing along with watching what you're eating you will lose weight overall and this should reflect in the areas you want it to. try varying the intensity of your workouts. a good way of doing is using tabata drills. this involves working for 20 seconds intensely followed by 10 seconds rest. this is done 8 times. it may not sound difficult, but is quite tough to do. For example, you could skip rope or perform burpees.
The best cardio exercise is try doing Kettlebell Swings combined with Turkish Getups.
Check out http://www.russiankettlebellsuk.com
Jamie LLoyd
there are so many however i am getting good results from my kettlebell training with the girls combined with a monitored diet and disciplined training .. call me for a chat if you want...Tony 07947676737
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