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Question: Where can i get invisuligns at an affordable price?most places say starting £995 but actually £2000!

Asked by shadz

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Good morning Shadz.

Dr Demir is correct, Invisalign charge the dentists considerably more than £995 to produce the aligners you need to complete the treatment so his Ryan Air analogy is spot on.

At Smilepod the cost of the treatment will depend on the severity of your problem. We try and make the treatments as affordable as we can by keeping the cost as low as possible and allowing you to spread the payments over an extended period of time at no extra cost to you.

Using the Ryan air analogy many of the low cost Invisalign providers do not include x -rays and retainers in their price. I have been told that you can pay up to £500 extra for retainers which are an essential part of your treatment.

From May Smilepod's prices will start from £2240 ( this will not show on our website until the middle of the month) for a simple case. We offer a free consultation where our Invisalign trained dentists can exact quotation once they have seen your teeth. Please feel free to call us on 0207 836 6866 to book a free consultation or for more information.

Harvey Grahame ( Clinical director Smilepod)


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Hi Shadz, Invisalign charge the dentists well over £995 to produce a set of computerised records and aligners needed to carry out treatment, so anyone who offers you treatment for that amount is either selling you an inferior system, or selling you a £1 Ryanair flight.
We offer Invisalign starting around £2500, but this does depend on how much work is involved on your particular case.
Please let me know if I can be of further help..


Hi Shadz,
I recommend attending an Invsialign consultation to get the actual cost of Invisalign for you as the published prices are only a guide and donot reflect the total cost involved. Aim to get the total package cost including all the after care & retainers and ask about the level expertise of the operator. Also ask about affordable finance payments schemes.
we offer free Invisalign cnosultations and our Comprehensive Invisalign packages starts from £2500 for lite cases upto £4000 for complex cases. we offer 0% finance payment options.
Good luck and let me now if there is anymore help you require.
Dr Sheila



Hi Shadz - Unfortunately Invisalign does not come cheap - beware of bargain deals. make sure that the cost you are quoted is for full treatment including refinements and any extras - and be prepared that you may have to invest in this treatment if you want a fab life changing result!



Hi, as mentioned by my colleague the laboratory cost for Invisalign can be very high depending on your case. However, we do offer more affordable alternatives such as the Inman Aligner for mild crowding of the front four teeth. If you wish to explore this option together with other useful suggestions please feel free to contact us. Dr Ali, Puresmile Dental Care


I thought Goupon did an offer not so long go where you could get it done for just over £1000 if i remember correctly? I never bough it though so i guess reading the ther comments it may not have included the full package and there may have been extra costs?

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