I have thread veins and larger blueish veins. Will this treatment work and make them disappear ?

They are on the backs of my legs.
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Hi Helen,
The thread veins can be treated by a few methods. They are Laser, Sclerotherapy, or a treatment called Veinwave. All the methods mentioned cannot treat the large blue veins on the leg, as the veins are too wide and are part of the main circulation. They are all good methods, it is just dependant on the structure of the veins which one that would be most suitable. As a practitioner I personally would go for Veinwave as there are few contra-indications to it and little after care needed, and if it isn't suitable due to the structure and the formation of the thread veins I would then use laser.
Hope that helps
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Dear Helen,

Thread veins on the backs of legs are very common and can be relaled to underlying venous disease; i.e. varicose veins. In most cases, the cost of investigating this is prohibitive and if it only affects a small area, it is probably not worthwhile. If they keep recurring despite well known therapies, then this may be worth considering. At your consultation with our doctors any signs of varicose veins would be looked for anyway.

The standard modalities for leg thread veins are either injecting a glucose-like substance that causes the vein to breakdown. This is done in 1-2 sessions often taking about 30 minutes. Support stockings are required for up to a week after. This can also be combined with laser if the results do not manage to remove them all. Some people try laser first and sclerotherapy after and not sure if makes a lot of difference and more about the skill of the practitioner.

Bruising is common after these procedures and the veins can take a 2-6 weeks to disappear with repeat treatments possible. Cost is from £250 at our clinics but the procedure is carried out by qualified doctors.
Dear Helen

Thank you for your enquiry. We are able to treat thread veins here at the Clinic and this is done by using an ND Yag Laser.

Depending on the size of the area and where they are will reflect the price. For example a small area on the legs starts from £95 per treatment. We offer a complimentary consultation whereby treatment and price can be discussed. I have copied a link for you to view to get a better idea.


Hope this has helped and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards


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We do treat leg veins, however not varicose veins. if you would like to make a consultation appointment with one of our specialist nurses to find out what would be the correct course of action for you. Speak live to us 01844 213007, we'd love to hear from you.
It all depends on exactly what the problem with the veins really is!
For thread veins, spider veins & reticular veins microsclerotherapy +/- follow on laser treatment remains the gold standard - veinwave is also an option but hasnt really caught on in the UK to the extent that was first predicted - if the veins are true varicose then more invasive techniques such as endovenous ablation using radio frequency or even surgery may be required.
Before embarking on any course of treatment your legs need to be properly examined & assessed including as a minimum doppler tests to identify problems with the deeper venous system.
Dr John Elder
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