i'm really interested in cheek enhancement....How much does it cost and where can i get them done?

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Hi, the most common treatment for a cheek augment is with dermal fillers. The treatment costs £280 regardless of which product we use. Our clinics mainly use Restylane and Juvederm, both of which give desirable results. Our clinic only operates with medical doctors and the consultation is free whether you go ahead with the treatment or not. Give us a call to book in on 01618505060. And we are based on King Street in Manchester.
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hi Shadz... I recommend to do Botox Masseter treatment to reduce/reshape chubby cheek. Botox Masseter that is injected into masseter muscles used to slim and shape your chubby cheeks. Botox masseter allows for changing the shape of the face without pain. Within the masseter muscle mass, botox injections can in reality reduce the dimension of huge jaw muscle to slim your cheeks and enhance the look of your face. It works on me :D
what is the cheek enhancement treatment called where u are injected with your own fat? am i right in thinking this treatment is more or less permanent?
Dermal fillers will give you the result you are looking for. We use Juvederm Ultra 4 or Voluma depending on how much enhancement you are looking for. Radiesse will also give a great result. If you call me on 01787 211000 I can go through it with you. ALso look at our website and at http://www.juvedermultra.co.uk. We are based in Suffolk, near to Colchester and Ipswich.
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Our clinic works with Juvederm fillers - our doctors prefer Juvederm as it is easy to control the desirable volume of enhancement - excellent results. We charge per syringe. The prices start from £300. Please have a look at our website http://www.bodysilk.co.uk or just give us a call to have a chat in more details 0207 283 5800. We are based in central London near Monument and Bank.
There are various ways to get a cheek enhancement, here at MBNS we have two treatments that give a fantastic result: Sub Q and Radiesse. Both are dermal fillers, but both work in a different way. Call the clinic on 01844 213007 to find out more. We'd love to meet you!