Asthma..any natural remedies?

My husband suffers from asthma, particularly at night and in the recently changing weather conditions. He has a busy job,and struggles to relax. I am wondering if anyone knows any cheap, natural remedies to aid a good nights sleep? Thanks
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Hi, Swimming has been known to be beneficial for asthmatics. Many claim swimming to be the most stress free form of exercise relaxing.
I would suggest swimming at least twice a week for six weeks. This will aid both his general fitness relaxation and sleep.
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Buteyko breathing method, brilliant for Asthma (proven in several small clinical trials and listed in the UK Asthma guidelines since 2008). Great too for a good night's sleep.
Best done with a practitioner, but lots of self-help books and videos available, check out Patrick McKeown's books etc.
Completely natural, you learn to breath effectively, and always through the mouth not the nose.


This was meant to say breathe always through the NOSE not the mouth!
Being a chronic asthmatic myself, i can recommend:
Reflexology, salt pipe read about it on, also aromatherapy, i sometimes put a drop of eucalyptus oil on a tissue and inhaleing it helps
Does he know what the triggers are, is it food or allergy related?
As an ex-sufferer I can personally vouch for EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT - as it certainly worked for me. Best of all it is drug-free, non intrusive, easily learned and applied and - best of all - FREE! Take a look here and if you require any further assistance, just ask! :-]
With any form of treatment the most important factor is establishing the cause. Whether this is the asthma itself, an allergen, stress or even an emotional issue, it is beneficial to ascertain why and how your husband became so sensitive and why it is affecting his sleep. Homeopathy tries to get to the root cause of a problem but also works on the layers above it by using remedies to detox and support various organs which may be weak or not functioning to full capacity (in this case, it is likely to be the lungs and adrenal glands in need of some support). The remedies stimulate a healthy response so that the body can heal itself. Unfortunately it is very difficult to prescribe without taking the case and finding out what the causes and layers might be so he would need to see a homeopathic practitioner. I offer Skype and telephone consultations to those outside of the London area if you are interested. You can visit my website for further details :) Wishing you all the best. Claire
Hi Mrs Bean
I have a family who suffers with asthma. Rather than taking anything for it, one, try watching the food he eats, as certain foods trigger an attack more than others. Also my husband found that since he learned to play the saxaphone he no longer needs to use his pump, only when he has a severe episode.
Saxaphone playing has opened up his breathing airways.
I know this works, so if your husband can fit it all in to his busy schedule, he will have a much better night.
Kind regards
Pippa (Life Coach and Counselling)
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or traditional acupuncture could help with the asthma. It would help with the underlying condition and relieve the wheezing. The first link I've posted below describes in layman's terms how TCM could help. Please note it relates to Chinese herbs but acupuncture works with the same theory.
As asthma is a chronic condition (unlike a sprained ankle or a cough) it would take more treatments than an acute problem, or a higher frequency of treatments, which could become costly. You may want to see if any practices near you offer community acupuncture where you would be receive treatment in the same room (fully clothed) so you sacrifice privacy but it's more affordable.
I suggest your husband seek treatment to help with the underlying cause rather than just the symptoms. Bear in mind that whether it's acupuncture or qigong or swimming, he will need to commit to it for some time. It's unrealistic to expect dramatic results after trying it once or twice.
However if he's just desperate to get a good night's sleep, you could also try the lemon balm and rose tea from Neals Yard Remedies. The blend (which includes skullcap) is very effective for stress and those who over think and can't switch off at night, leading to insomnia. I don't believe there is anything in the blend that would interfere with the inhaler but do confirm this with a member of staff when you're purchasing.
I hope this helps
Ka Hang-
The biggest issue with asthma has to do with ot being properly hydrated. Is he drinking enough good, pure water??
A very simple & cheap remedy is eating apples known to be excellent for lung disorders.
Also deep massage is known to help ease bronchial problems & sleep patterns which will of course aid relaxation.
Laser therapy using a specific protocol is another very good method for treating Asthma...
Hello mrsbean,
my suggestions would be to encompass a couple of things to work holistically with all the issues that you mention.
So for the asthma a bespoke australian bush flower essence (which can be taken even with a busy job as it is taken orally, a bespoke aromatherapy blend and or regular massages which will assist on reducing stress.
For the relaxation, definitely meditation and breathing techniques, the herbs of chamomile and passionflower in the form of a tea at night, or kava kava herbal capsules, or valerian in tincture form (I find the latter the best) and again quick acting as it is orally taken and gets into the system quickly.
Arnica is also an excellent product for relaxation of the muscles.
Hope some of this if not all of this is of assistance to you and your husband.
Hi there. I dont know specifically about asthma - but I certainly know that meditation is a great way to learn how to relax! Many of my clients use meditation techniques specifically to combat insomnia and stress.
I teach classes on a regular basis and offer a free session every month. Take a look at my website to find out more. Please do contact me if this is of interest to you.
CKT (chirokinetic therapy) - an natural non-invasive therapy works to support systems and organs of the body to eradicate allergies and asthma works particularly well:


thanks, that looks great but there doesn't seem to be a practitioner in my area.
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