i suffer with ear wax build up ,do i need to put oil drops in before candle treatment

Asked by tonyg

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I agree with the other therapists, although ear candling is not a good medium for removing hard wax. I am fully trained in this therapy and find it's ideal for a range of conditions but hard ear wax is not one of them.
I did a trial on a number of people (without charge) and can honestly report it was not very successful for hard wax removal even after two or three sessions. However it proved to be an xcellent treatment to maintain wax free ears and for sinus related conditions, migraine headaches or irritation in the ears and I have used the treatment very successfully in this regard especially when used in conjunction with sinus massage. It's also an extremely relaxing treatment.
If hard wax is your problem my advice would be to use warm olive oil to allow the wax to soften naturally. This is no quick fix and may take a couple of weeks depending on how hard the wax is. When you are happy the wax has gone then have monthly candling and monitor the results.
Hope this helps.
Maureen McGowan
MMC Holistic Therapies
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Hi tonyg
I totally agree with Emmastalker68 that if you are going for ear candling no other products should be used, nor should you have ear candling if you have been doing any water sports or activities for at least 72 hours. The purpose of ear candling is that it acts like a chimney to gently remove the wax - more than one treatment may be necessary depending on how impacted the wax is.
No you don't, the heat in the candle will melt the wax
I concur with Emmastalker68 that you should not put oil in the ear before any ear candle treatment. The effectiveness of using a candle is because the flame helps create a chimney effect and draw air along the candle, which helps loosen any wax/residue in the ear.
The candles will soften the wax sufficiently so there is no need to prepare the ear before auricular Therapy.
you must under no circumstances put oils in the ear before a ear candle treatment. The candles will do the job themselves.
If you do put the oils in the therapist shouldn't do the treatment