How is laser hair removal versus waxing constantly?

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Waxing is temporary and lasts approx 4-6 weeks, where as laser hair removal is permanent after the recommended course of treatments.
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Laser is by far the best option - it lasts longer and is longer term kinder to the skin and less hassle for you! Check our website for fantastic 40% off hair removal courses from Liverpool & isle of man clinics
Some people are put off Laser or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal, due to the price. Waxing is usually affordable for most people, without pinching their budget.
However, in terms of a long term solution, Laser or IPL hair removal really does come into it's own. If you work out the cost of waxing, every 4 weeks for the rest of your life, compared to the cost of a course of Laser or IPL hair removal, waxing dips out everytime.
Further information can be seen on the website - Q+A's which make an interesting read.
Laser or IPL permanent hair removal - is just that - permanent. It disables the hair follicle by heating it up and destroying it. You need a minimum of 3 treatments as there are 3 stages to hair growth and you need to be untanned for treatment.
Waxing is a temporary measure which needs to be repeated approximately every 4 weeks or so. It will however treat white/grey and blonde hairs that laser won't. Take a look at our website on the EpiLight page where there is lots more information.
Hope this helps
Waxing gives temporary hair reduction. Laser causes destruction of hair follicles and you get a permanent reduction of hair if not total hair loss.
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