What is a good technique for hip and lower back pain?

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First of all you need to find out what is causing the pain. It could be age related i.e. wear and tear,or may simply be due to the way you sit, stand etc. I see quite a few people with similar problems and if their condition is chronic then regular massage can really help to ease the pain.
However without a proper diagnosis (and this really needs to be a scan as there is a lot of guessing that goes on in the medical profession when confronted with back conditions) I would suggest a full back massage using triger point and myofascial release as this is not going to aggravate any underlying condition.
Hope this helps.
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Assisted streches may help short term.
I would suggest that you have a full assessment from a physiotherapist and even gait analysis. This may identify contributing factors to your problem such as weak/ tight muscles.
You could also try a Reiki treatment as the pain in the lower back could be due to emotions and what you may be thinking - stress and worry perhaps. If you find the treatment helpful you could consider learning Reiki so that you can give a Reiki treatment to yourself everyday. It is quick, easy and cost effective to learn Reiki oneself. Most people learn it for their personal use.
I feel that it is very empowering to learn Reiki as we ourselves can take best care of our needs rather than relying on others. And when we learn Reiki and give Reiki treatments, we work with the help of Reiki - the universal life force energy. It is a very intelligent energy, it goes to the cause of what may be causing us suffering - whether the cause may be at physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.
If you would like to find a Reiki practitioner near you, please let me know. From Monday 11th April, Reiki Association is launching a Reiki Directory which would list its members contact details who offer Reiki treatments and/or classes to the public. You can look up Reiki Association's website on http://www.reikiassociation.org.uk/
Reiki works really well with other complementary therapies. So if you feel drawn to Chiropractic, you can still use Reiki.
Hi, I agree with what said before, you need to understand what is the cause of the pain first.
Although, I have to say the Pilates is generally quite good for back pain.
It might help to correct postural problems that might put strain on your back, and help rebalance the mucles around the hip joint. It is also good to improve suppleness in the joints.
But first, see a good health professional, like a physiotherapist or an osteopath!
Hope this help
With your knees slightly bent and your palms resting on your thigh (but not putting your weight on it!) gently move your knees in a circular motion. Good shoes and light exercise is also good, it's important to stay active. Being overweight will only add to your lower back pain.
As the previous person said, it's really hard without knowing what is causing your hip and lower back pain. It could be from iill-fitting shoes so that your whole body is accomodating the way you walk. Is it from an injury?
Massage would provide nice relief and does feel amazing. Acupuncture could help the actual underlying condition so that hopefully you won't have to deal with the pain.
The most important thing is to seek help if the pain persists. An acute problem is much easier to deal with than a chronic one.
All the best!
Lying on your back, with bent knees, rolling them side to side.
If they're still stiff, you probably need to visit NW3 Chiropractic. Call 0207 4197900.
Yours in health,
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