How do I add something to my wishlist?

i know this sounds like stupid question but i cant work it out! If i go to "add to wishlist" on my profile it just brings up a list of favorites and there no option to add something-can anyone help?
Asked by db307

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For future viewers, it turns out they merged the wishlist with favourites but didn't change some of the wording on the site, so it doesn't affect levelling up but probably means your profile will never be 100% complete :(
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It would be great to have a wishlist again. I would favourite spas and practitioners, but add treatments to my wishlist, and eventually get notified when that becomes a 'deal'.
I was wondering the same thing but couldn't find any information about it on the site - perhaps it should be added to the FAQ's?
I would contact the help line, the girls are fab who help you on the phone line x
Hi, I suggest you send an email to as it sounds like a technical issue.
All the best
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