What should I wear in a spa?

I am planning on taking my partner to a day spa and I have no idea what to expect. What would be appropriate clothing? Bikini? Swimsuit, birthday suit? And what about footwear?
Asked by dreamy1

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Check out Wahanda's beginners guide to spas. Hope this helps.
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usually it's a swim suit, but dont worry you will most likely will be given a Spa gown then you just remove that when going into Sauna, steam room nderneath you will have your costume etc Call the Spa and put your mind at rest 'ask' they get the question reguarly im sure :-)
with any spa you will find some people will be naked, some will have a bathing costume/ bikini on or some will be naked with a bathrobe covering them. it really doesn't matter, just be comfortable, & enjoy every minute.
Dependant on the Spa depends on what is provided. We provide a robe and towel and just ask that you bring your swim wear and a pair of sandals or flip flops.If you want to use the gym facilities you will also need to bring appropriate gym wear. You can then also have your lunch in your robe and relax without worrying about having to get changed.
Most Spa's will give you a dressing gown to wear around the pool. Just take a bikini or swimming costume :)
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