I suffer from Psoriasis on my hands & feet & the treatment I am having doesn't seem to be working

Can anyone recommend something?
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Psoriasis can be very difficult to treat and often responds to a variey of approaches.There is sometimes a dietary element that can help to alleviate symptoms,combined with some supplementation(aloe vera,essential fatty acids being a couple of options)but seek professional advice to establish what may be best for you.I have also noted with my clients that diet and LED red light treatment on the localised area has worked very well as a combination.Stress can also be a factor that may need to be considered.
You don't mention what treatment you are having, but it could be that results may take quite a while to appear and you may just need to give your current treatment a little longer to work.
I wish you luck
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I believe the Garra Rufa fish used in hand and fish pedicures can be beneficial for the treatment of Psoriasis. There are a number of venues who offer this service in the UK
Hi Arben,

I also suffer from Psoriasis and I use a really good hand hydrating cream filled with botanical ingerdients in addition to a skin conditioning oil. If you want to know more please contact me at http://www.balancedbeauty.myarbonne.co.uk...
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Some people have found the garra ruffa fish can really help with Psoriasis. If you were to have it over a period of time you might find it helps reduce it for you.
Then at home just keep applying your own creams.
Hope you find something that works.
A warm bath with oats would help: put some oats in a canvas/muslin bag and soak for 30 minutes. The natural starches in oats act as a soothing agent for the skin.
When I suffer from eczema (which is a slightly different condition but with similar symptoms) I found that increasing my intake of Omega 3 (oily fish, linseed) improves my condition. Usually my eczema flares up when I'm very tired and stressed.
I agree with my colleagues that stress can be a determining factor for psoriasis outbreaks so you may want to look into ways to lower your stress levels (meditation, yoga, massage etc).
As you suffer only in your hands and feet did you speak to your doctor about ruling out some form of contact dermatisis?
Hope your symptoms improve soon.
Garra Rufa fish pedicures are becoming increasingly popular for the treatment of Psoriasis though as has already been stated it is best used in conjunction with other treatments also.


I am currently using Methotrexate. A toxic but effective drug. the decision was taken after serious consideration and the failure of every other treatment tried. I do however find that some foods trigger my Psoriasis as do sore throats. I now take a daily supplement to help with these. I have now been practically clear for 14 months. The longest ever and my confidence has gone through the roof. Good luck if you decide to take this approach.
One of the most effective and popular natural treatments for psoriasis is shea butter. Pure, unrefined shea butter is more effective that the highly processed butter has been stripped of its natural vitamins and nutrients. Shea butter is very fatty and melts with the skin's warmth, so it spreads on easily. It's a rich, healing emollient that contains vitamins A and E, as well as cinnamic acid. Tea tree oil and aloe vera are also thought to be quite soothing to those with psoriasis as well, healing the damaged areas and keeping the skin from cracking further.
Light Therapy
Many physicians will recommend light therapy to patients with psoriasis. UVB light is often used, so the patient will have a risk of sunburn. It is not known how UVB light actually works to help the condition, but it is effective for some patients. While the progress is slow, success in some patients has caused physicians to continue to prescribe it.