Can I still get my teeth whitened if my enamel is weak?

Asked by charleymarley

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Hello! You can still have the procedure, it will have an effect, but it will most probably cause you to have heightened sensitivity in your teeth during the treatment and for a few days afterwards,
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You are not a Dentist. You are practising illegally under the EU directive on bleaching and your answer is Fatuous and lacking any knowledge on teeth and their structure. Normal people do not have weak enamel. You need a condition like Amelogenesis Imperfecta to have soft crumbly enamel which I doubt you could recognise.
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yes just use fluoride toothpaste like fluoridex or mi paste plus to rebuild your tooth strength and you can whiten with gels or strips
You can buy any strength gel nite white 10 percent 10% is the weakest and you buy the do it yourself bleach trays from them at and comes with full instructions for you to do all the whitening at home using carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide which is what dentist professionals use and charge 4 times more! does free shipping and they also carry a full line of crest products, toothpastes, zoom whitening , pola night and pola day products, cheapest online source you will find with the top whitening gels and best tooth whitening products made and used by the top dentist
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