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Question: Hello gorgeous colleagues! Can you help me find natural remedies for hay fever? Thanks

Asked by PaolaEnergya

12 answers

Everybody is raving about spring and I hate it. No, seriously, really. I tend to use off the shelf hay fever medication like Clarytin Allergy but is there a natural remedy I could use instead? Thank you!

Herbal Medicine and Supplements, Ayurvedic, Naturopathy, Homeopathy

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Homeopathy has some great remedies for hay fever but to be honest, as homeopathy is a holistic form of treatment, it is best you see a homeopath and he/she prescribe the best remedy to suit you.
This is especially true, if your hay fever is chronic. When I treat my patients for hayfever, it tends to have reduced dramatically by the next spring and during the hay fever season, I give them suitable remedies to help them while the main remedy works for the long term effect.

If you want a free 15min chat on skype (UKHOMOEOPATH), feel free to add me and I can try and answer any questions you may have.
Mohamed Caffoor
Homeopath and Counsellor

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Hello Mohamed, that is very kind of you! I will schedule a suitable time for the consultation, I've got a couple of hectic days ahead but I should have more time next week.
Thank you so much for your reply


you are most welcome.. talk soon.

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Hay fever can be nasty and there are things which are natural that can treat it. However, herbs are holistic and I use them as such which means I try to treat the cause rather than the illness which can be many things. It may be stress and other emotional states or it could be we need to lower your sensitivity to things such as pollen. We also look at your diet and lifestyle to assess the cause.

On the other hand you might find this of use; Euphrasia or Eye bright (which is the common name) is traditionally used with weepy eyes in hay fever often as an eye bath. I also know a herbalist who creates herbal snuffs to be used in hay fever. They comprise of very fine powdered herbs which can be sniffed which lessens the sniffles and thin snot which is commonly produced.

A word of caution to you; avoid taking herbs which increase your immunity such as echinacea as this will only make your hay fever symptoms worse. This is because hay fever is due to an over-active immune system and you don't want to heighten that!

Hope that helps

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That's very useful, thank you! Especially what you say about echinacea!


Apple cider and local honey taken before the start of the season is a good way to prepare the body. It is recommended to use two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and honey in boiled water, letting it cool to warm, and drinking it daily. Do this for two weeks before the start of hayfever season. During the hayfever season, reduce this to one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and honey daily

I did an article on hayfever and colds for suite 101 that has herbal tea recipes. I also sell the allergy tea on my online shop. Hope this helps.


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As I'm already showing full symptoms I'll try your suggestion for one tablespoon (but how will that taste like....?)


You can add to a herbal tea to make the taste less noticeable. I make the allergy tea up, cool it and use it as a squash.


Yes I can answer this in two ways.
Hopi ear candles maintain hayfever, you may have to have a few treatments close together to begin with but you will find that the appointments go further and futher apart. I went from one every 6 weeks to 3 a year.

Second method is to source local honey. eat a spoonful a day and this will help keep hayfever at bay. If you go to your local market you should be able to find local honey.


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Thanks, I had forgotten about local honey. That's why I asked the Wahanda community for help, because I need it!


Hi. have you tried EFT or hypnotherapy ?? I would give EFT a go and its something you can do yourself. You can visit the website and download free manual but there are a few pages for the tapping you really need. Its all a matter of trying various statements until the symptoms improve, trial and error really. Also positive affirmations in past tense will really help. there are some ideas on one of my websites for those, or just email me and I will send some stuff that will help. You can also receive information, advice and suggestions to improve your health and change your life, all simple, all free and free reiki healing now. Hope things improve very soon for you!!!!

All physical symptoms have a probable cause and hay fever = emotional congestion. Fear of the calender. A belief in persecution. Guilt. All physical problems are only the symtpom and stem from mental and emotional thoughts and thinking patterns which create them.

Sources: healing / affirmations
EFT or if you can't get it there I can email you the tapping positions, but certainly worth a try and reiki too!!!

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That's interesting. An eye-opening answer!


Bee Pollen is a supplement by Forever Living Products that can be ordered online. They give a 60 day money back guarantee on all heir productts, so worth a try,



I agree, homeopathy is great. When the symptoms are acute you can treat them directly but ideally the sooner you start homeopathic treatment then the sooner it acts as a preventative and eventually reducing your body's strong response to allergens. I offer consultations in Clapham and Highbury & Islington for anyone who might be interested.
Claire Zarb - Homeopathic practitioner.



Vitamin C (3-5g of good quality a day) with QUERCITIN which is a bioflavenoid helps. Also local natural honey is said to be good but I can't speak for that personally. Good luck.



Take good local honey from your local region, as the bees feed on the pollen that is irritating your sinuses etc therefore acting as a antidote.


would you like to try acupuncture and chinese herb medicine treatment?
Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system to release chemicals in the body that influence the body’s own internal regulating system. The improved energy and biochemical balance produced by acupuncture results in stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities. It can help to strengthen the body’s resistance and can regulate the body’s antigen-antibody’s reactions. This is important in helping to relieve hay fever and other allergic reactions such as asthma.
Chinese herbal tea prescription: In general, sufferers of hay fever exhibit a pattern of spleen weakness with excessive phlegm and dampness leading to problems with their lung function. Depending on the individual, this basic scenario may also be accompanied by kidney weakness, liver stagnation, liver-gallbladder-stomach heat, & other related patterns of disharmony. Chinese medicine treats the root: lower immune system and yin-yang imbalance.


Hayfever responds extremely well to acupuncture. A session of 6-10 treatments can resolve the problem, and we have had a lot of success with chronic long term sufferers as well as for acute episodes. It terms of remedies, there are Ayurvedic herbs to cleanse, detox and soothe the sinuses and remove excess phlegm and damp from the body. For any advice please call 07747 600 212.



Why not try Colonics; my recently acquired colonics therapist, at West London Colonics says its good for allergic responses that are related to digestive issues.

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