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Filton, Gloucestershire
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Therapeutic massage near Filton, Gloucestershire

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Results include: Abdominal Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

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Bernard Porter - Craniosacral Therapy & Structural Massage

5.0 1 review   Off-peak
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CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY "The most relaxed I've ever felt" - a recent client. Such profound relaxation is a common experience with Craniosacral work. Craniosacral Therapy offers the possibility of creating a deep state of relaxation by interacting with the unconscious nervous system and focussing on invoking stillness in the body; as such it can be a great help for addressing underlying emotional stresses. It can be felt as if almost falling asleep and the state of relaxation achieved is similar to that as in meditation. People often experience other personal variations of peace and stillness as well. Many great minds have utilised this kind of stillness to aid creative thinking and problem solving. It may also be useful tool if you are looking to begin meditating and are finding it difficult to sufficiently quieten the mind. STRUCTURAL MASSAGE ‘Structure’ refers to the profound internal arrangement and alignment of our bodies; by effecting changes on this deep level of structure we can enhance levels of physical freedom, mobility and bodily comfort. We always work to reconnect with the structural pattern of health, which is upright, balanced and relaxed. By addressing the connective tissue (fascia) of the body (fascial release) old patterns of movement and habit are free to change and your body is allowed to soften and release in a way not possible from addressing the musculature alone.
Structural Massage Introductory Session
1 hr 30 mins
Save up to 45% from £31.35
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Ministry of Beauty

4.7 385 reviews
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Feeling good and looking healthy give us all the confidence we need to take on the world. The Ministry of Beauty will provide a solution to your health and beauty needs. Immerse yourself in everything from traditional treatments to the most advanced therapy and nutrition programs. Feel free to invite your friend, partner or someone special and enjoy a manicure, pedicure, facial or massage for two. If it's advice you need, feel free to pop in for a consultation. We aim to provide a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, as well as the highest standards of professionalism and hygiene giving you the chance to take a break and rejuvenate in our hands.
Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage(30mins)
40 mins
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ZunZun Therapies

5.0 249 reviews
More details
ZunZun Therapies is located in Whiteladies Road, from within Reflections Hair Salon, Clifton. The practice focuses in treating clients individually to improve their health and general well-being in a very warming, friendly and professional environment. A full consultation free of charge is carried out on your first visit in order to find out if there is any specific medical condition that could prevent the treatment from taking place. Our aim is to help you to bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance, through massage, lifestyle changing, diet and exercise. Please don't you hesitate to contact me with any question you may have. Thank you!!
Ayurvedic Abdominal Massage ( Nabhi Abhyanga )
50 mins
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Create A Cut Hair & Beauty

4.5 81 reviews   Off-peak
More details
Welcome to Create A Cut Hair and Beauty, a stylish and contemporary salon located in the vibrant area of Bristol. Specialising in hairstyling, massages and waxing, they offer a range of beauty and hair treatments for all your needs. Exceptionally skilled in colour correction, their hairstylists provides traditional and modern barbering techniques for all hair types. They also have a highly experienced team of beauty therapists offering treatments from Swedish to sports massages and much more. Qualified staff along with a professional but relaxed atmosphere ensure a truly remarkable experience. Don’t miss out.
Healing Massage
40 mins - 1 hr
Save up to 20% from £24
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Equipoise Therapy Massage - Cheltenham Road

No reviews
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ENSO Martial Arts is a massage therapy treatment room based in Bristol. About Equipoise Therapy Massage: Gravity holds us down, pulls us down, weighs us down. Over time this can lead to less-than-ideal effects on our health and wellbeing, both physically and emotionally. Unravelling the effects of gravity can help lessen pain and aid with a physical resilience which itself can then transfer into other areas of life. Learning about your body and its potential empowers you to be the healthiest you can be. These are the fundamental notions of Equipoise Therapy Massage.
Structural Massage Introductory Session
1 hr 30 mins
Save 36% £35
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Lavish Hair, Beauty & Nails

4.6 36 reviews
More details
Lavish is a Beauty Salon located in Bristol, offering a range of treatments as Eyebrow Waxing, Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting, Facials, Massages, Body Treatments, Nails services and more.
45 mins - 1 hr 15 mins
from £30
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Chinese Massage Bristol

4.7 9 reviews   Last minute
More details
The treatment you need, just how you want it - Neil is a Chinese Medicine specialist, offering Chinese massage and acupuncture in Bristol, 100% tailored to your specific needs. Whether you want to relax and de-stress, or you want help with an injury or stiff, aching muscles, your session will be entirely focused on helping you get back to health and vitality.
Therapeutic Massage
1 hr - 1 hr 30 mins
Save up to 10% from £54
Introductory Massage Offer
1 hr - 1 hr 30 mins
from £45
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Metta Physical Bristol

No reviews
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Welcome to Metta Physical. The word 'metta' comes from the ancient Pali language of Northern India meaning "loving-kindness". Here at Metta Physical it is with that focus I give my massages, providing a nurturing and caring experience. At each visit, time is taken to listen to each person so a full consultation and personalised massage can be administered, including post-treatment.
Metta Combined Technique Massage
1 hr
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Holistic Cocoon - Bristol

1.0 1 review
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Holistic Cocoon – here to help you feel better. Welcome to warmth, time-out, rejuvenation and the chance to fully rest, recharge and emerge from within a healing cocoon. Holistic Cocoon uniquely blends the best elements of various complementary therapies to invigorate your senses and leave you feeling completely pampered. The tailored process can include full-body massage, light-touch reiki energy, supported meditation, and the use of reflexology and aromatherapy techniques. Our Cocoons are the ideal way to escape from the busy-ness of modern day living – by easing out your tension and knots to help you to completely unwind. Often challenging to achieve alone, our Cocoons can enable you to reach an optimum state of relaxation, stimulating your body’s natural healing abilities. By alleviating stress from your system, you will feel better and many symptoms of dis-ease can be prevented or recovery can be assisted.
Total Body Cocoon
1 hr
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Feel Good Therapy

5.0 13 reviews   Off-peak
More details
Feel Good Therapy is a Massage Practice set up by fully qualified practitioner Erika. Come and treat yourself to unique massage with warm bamboo sticks or holistic massage. You be welcomed in warm and cosy environment with massage tailored to your needs and will leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and tension free. Warm bamboo New exciting luxurious treatment using gently warmed bamboo sticks. The heat from the sticks penetrates to a deeper level, bringing about physiological changes as well as influencing the body’s internal energy flow (Chi); therefore bringing a balance to both body and mind. Bamboo has a unique energy as its walls contains silica. Silica is the most abundant mineral found in our body. As we apply pressure to the body with the bamboo sticks, the friction that is created will activate the molecular structure in the silica and its energy is transferred to the body creating series of unique and new sensations. Holistic massage The giving and receiving of nurturing touch is a fundamental human need. Holistic massage draws techniques from many traditions,combining them with natural sensitivity to meet the needs of each individual as a whole. This massage is taking into account emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as clients physical body. Physiological benefits of massage: Relaxes muscle tissue Improves circulation Release of toxins Strengthens immune system Improves flexibility Relieves headaches Psychological benefits of massage: Reduces stress Helps depression Improves sleep Increases self esteem Produces endorphins
Holistic Massage
1 hr
Save up to 10% from £31.50
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