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Meraki Aesthetics

225 reviews
Isleworth, London
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Powder Brows (Shading, touch up not included)3 hrs
Lip Blush (Touch up not included)3 hrs
Brows/Lips Top Up1 hr 30 mins - 2 hrs
from £120
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Head over to Meraki Aesthetics in Isleworth, London, for the best aesthetic experience, specialising in eye and brow treatments using the latest techniques.

Treatments offered range from lash extensions, LVL, brow threading, brow henna, hybrid brow tints and permanent makeup brows and lips. Having built a solid reputation, Meraki Aesthetics stand out for their attention to detail and professionalism. Rest assured all COVID measures have been taken to ensure your safety.

Luisa is a leading lash artist recognised for her elegant Eyelash Extensions, with clients from all over the world. She also specialises in the Russian PMU techniques which are recognised for their soft, enhancing results. Meraki Aesthetics take pride in investing in regular education and training to remain at the top of their game.

Meraki Aesthetics are fully Insured and use only the best products in the industry like Brow Daddy PMU pigments, Perma Blend, London Lash Pro lashes, Brow Bomb, Elleebana. Anyone joining the team has been highly vetted ensuring the standard of service is maintained.

The studio is easily reached, located just off South Street in Old Isleworth, and there is free parking available from 11am until 5pm.

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Essential Beauty Aesthetics & Academy

921 reviews
Hanwell, London
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Microblading (Direct Booking only)1 hr - 2 hrs
from £95
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Exceptional for Anaesthetic face & body treatments, with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry.

Essential skincare it works, available to purchase in the salon:

  • SPF 50+ PA++++ (daily sunblock)
  • Ceramide total solution moisturising cream

Read the product descriptions at the bottom of the page.

Located in Hanwell, Essential Beauty offers indulgent beauty treatments in a calm, stress-free environment. Surrounded by tasteful Eastern-inspired decor, subtle lighting and relaxing music, your pampering experience starts as soon as you step inside the salon. With over 20 years of experience and even a training academy.

Essential Beauty is at the forefront of advanced skincare and beauty treatments in the Ealing area. They invest in providing their customers with the most sought after brands and treatments, retailing Medik8 & Glo Therapeutics. Taking pride in their bespoke individual approach to all skincare and beauty treatments, their experienced therapists are experts in the most exciting emerging beauty services, including the ever popular Mesotherapy. Renowned for their IPL services, each customer receives a free consultation which allows Essential Beauty to consistently deliver targeted results

At Essential Beauty they treat not just the body but the mind and the soul, to leave you feeling revitalized and rejuvenated. Performing facials, waxing, and manicures the friendly and professional therapists are dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy the luxury you deserve.

At the moment we have selected opening times due to the current situation 11:00 to 18:00

Ceramide Total Solution – Moisturizing Cream

Can a simple moisturizer visibly improve your complexion, tone, and radiance? Our results

are so amazing that we invite you to take before and after pictures to see the evidence for


Ceramide Total Solution is an advanced formulation of 6 perfectly-balanced super botanicals,

antioxidants, and concentrated ceramides that help your skin glow with the same radiance

you do.

Our ideal-for-all-skin-types formula is designed to be used in combination with our Broad

Spectrum SPF50+ PA++++ to protect your skin from life’s irritants and strengthen skin cell

building blocks to rejuvenate your appearance no matter the environment.

Why is it different?

Ceramide Total Solution supports and moisturizes skin cells using three different techniques

for a truly knockout complexion:

 Antioxidants protect skin while essential fatty acids – the building blocks of cell

membranes – promote regeneration, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and help prevent

premature aging.

 Potent ceramides and their precursors help your skin retain moisture and even

generate its own protective barrier.

 Powerful anti-inflammatory botanicals sooth and calm all skin types, including

sensitive and acne-prone skin in all genders.

This powerful plant-based combo is transported deep into your skin via a light, creamy lotion

that hydrates without feeling heavy and provides essential hydration with no greasiness or

residue for a serious radiance boost and a jolt of confidence that will stay with you all day


What does it do?

Our long-acting formula is designed to promote a firmer-looking complexion and moisturized

glow that is resilient against environmental stressors like smog, dry air, and pollutants

(though, sadly, not your noisy neighbours).

Ideal for even the most sensitive, breakout-prone, or oily skin as a daytime anti-aging

moisturizer for everyone, regardless of gender. It’s also perfect for use at night to refresh

your skin while you rest, so you wake up with a radiant complexion, ready for the day ahead.

How to use:

We recommend using Ceramide Total Solution both day and night as the final step in your

skincare regime. For added protection from the aging effects of the sun, we recommend

supplementing with our Broad Spectrum SPF50+ PA++++ before facing your day!

Are you ready for your skincare routine to give you real results? Experience greatness with

our dual-action broad-spectrum SPF protection and anti-wrinkle moisturizer designed to

protect from both the immediate effects of sun damage (caused by UVB rays) and long-term

damage that shows up as wrinkles, fine lines and sunspots (caused by UVA).

No one is immune to the aging effects of the sun, regardless of gender or skin tone. Our

unisex formula supports your skin’s long-term health while also giving your complexion

everything it needs for a radiant aura as captivating as you are. From plumping collagen to

peptides and hyaluronic acid for deep hydration and moisturizing, this is one part of your

daily routine you won’t be able to live without!

What makes it different?

Clinically formulated with nine powerful botanicals, peptides and other clinically tested

ingredients, our broad-spectrum SPF formulation provides all-in-one sun protection,

hydration, and a collagen boost that promotes elasticity and healing for sensitive skin.

Our SPF50+ PA++++ designation indicates extremely high levels of sun protection against

both UVB and UVA rays. UVB rays burn skin and are a bigger risk during summer months,

but UVA rays are present year-round even on rainy days and lead to premature aging,

sunspots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Moisturizers with PA++++ designations are especially

protective against UVA rays.

Here is what you can expect:

 Light-as-air texture without a hint of chalkiness or grease.

 Enhanced skin cell regeneration and extremely high levels of UVA/UVB protection.

 Soothing antioxidants and essential fatty acids (the building blocks of cell

membranes!) that reduce fine lines and wrinkles while calming sensitive and acne-

prone skin.

 Fast-absorbing plant-based hydration ingredients like Echium and Hyaluronic Acid

that provide long-acting moisturization to give your skin a smoother, firmer and

plumper look and feel.

 Collagen-boosting ingredients that promote elasticity and your improve your skin’s

environmental defenses against pollutants, even in densely-populated cities.

 Super-strength SPF formulation that provides some of the highest levels of sun

protection against both UVB and UVA of any moisturizer on the market.

How to use

Use as a luxurious last step in your morning skincare routine at least 30 minutes before sun

exposure to protect your complexion from anything your day throws at it. We recommend

use in combination with our Ceramide Total Defense Moisturizer for the ultimate daily skin

support regimen.

Posh in Kew at Keep Immaculate Hair, Beauty & Wellbeing

628 reviews
Kew Gardens, London
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Semi-Permanent Makeup - Eyebrows/Microblading 15 mins - 3 hrs
from £5
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Posh in Kew at Keep Immaculate is a plush feel-good spot. We are a premium hair and beauty salon with haircutting, styling and colouring. Along with the traditional hair, beauty, waxing, facials, massages and nail care, we do so much more! We also offer advanced dermatological services, diet & nutrition, permanent make up and cosmetic injection clinics for transformational but subtle enhancements.

We specialise in products and treatments designed to work for your face, body and hair with each season. In our salon, you can immerse yourself in pure luxury whilst sipping on our specially made seasonal tea or bevvy.

Our platinum award-winning parlour is furnished with marble and velvet seating. We don’t just offer classic treatments, we pride ourselves on our specialist seasonal products for hair and skin and even more for our advanced seasonal body massages for body tone and youthful skin. To ensure the best quality, along with some well-known brands, we source independent products developed by passionate individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit wanting to offer only the best to the world.

We aim to deliver you a warm, attentive experience from the minute you walk into our host-led service. We give you an instant feel-good start and enjoy a long-lasting relationship with our clients who achieve real beauty and well-being results.

Situated in the stunning area of Kew, adjacent to Kew Gardens station (only 1-minute away), Posh in Kew at Keep Immaculate is a truly ideal location and a welcoming haven of well-being and beauty