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David Lucas Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

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Bicester, Oxfordshire
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David Lucas Deep Tissue and Sports Massage.

I am David Lucas, a 40 year old who enjoys Marathons, Triathlons and a variety of Extreme sports, enduring the aches and pains that can follow!

Wellbeing and on-going maintenance has been a core belief of mine and has held me in good stead to keep on doing what I love.

Therefore, I understand the importance of treatments that not only find the area of soreness and tension, but also target the deep-rooted cause of it.

Whether you are just starting out with exercise or recovering from a sports injury, I invite you to try this astounding treatment to put the spring in your step!

Treatments are all carried out in a professional manner in my treatment Pod.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Reviews Below

But let’s start at the beginning.

My body has been falling apart for the best part of 20 years, and now that I sit down at a desk/at a restaurant/in a theatre/in the car for 12 hours a day I’m seizing up in places I didn’t even know existed.

From time to time I decide I’m going to battle the problem head-on – I’ll start exercising regularly, stretch my body, get in shape and generally – PING! – magic myself into Olympian fitness, but as soon as I try my body raises its metaphorical eyebrow, says ‘Good luck on that one, sister!’ and trips me up again.

Unless you’re incredibly fortunate you probably have similar woes of bad backs, dodgy knees and frozen shoulders. Well, happily I now have a secret weapon to share and he’s David Lucas, a fantastic deep tissue sports therapist who works out of his home near Bicester (though he’s nearly finished building a lovely stand-alone wooden dome treatment room in his garden now).

In a previous life David was the MD of Lucas Furniture, before the company sold and he turned his passionate hobby of sport (he’s a marathon runner, triathlete and extreme sports nut) into a business.

The treatment room. A beautiful bespoke pod - how relaxing

Can I just say first of all that it was the best deep tissue sports massage I’ve ever had? He really does take the time to work out not only the problem you’re experiencing but the deeper source of that problem. For example, my problems with my lower back are no doubt exacebated my refusal to redisover the core that walked out on my when I had my kids, but I also appear to have one leg shorter than the other, a result of my hips being twisted. Who knew?!

David Lucas

So he basically checked out my whole body, looking for tension, pain and I did disappoint David slightly in that even his most forceful deep tissue massage produced not even a flinch in the Muddy visage – apparently I have an extraordinary pain threshold and what to others would be yelp-inducing was strangely pleasant to me (er, make of that what you will). But there’s no doubt that shoulders, back, bum, and shoulders were all massively released during the session

If you’re not sure if you’re comfortable visiting the home of a strange man who’s about to put his hands all over you, I’d say where’s your sense of adventure? (JOKE!). Honestly, David is so professional, it’s no issue at all as soon as you meet him. Very cute puppy too, who you can either have in the room with you or have him banished to the kitchen (but look, how could you?!).

But if you’d rather have a home visit those are possible too. Either way David puts his money where his mouth is – sessions are only £45 per hour. I have no qualms about recommending his treatment – in fact, I’m planning him as my new go-to next time my body decides to crumble again.

David Lucas massage, The Well House, Cherry Street, Stratton Audley, Oxon, OX27 9AA. Tel: 07831 174057.