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Ladies' Waxing - Bikini & Leg 30 mins - 45 mins
from £29
Ladies' Waxing - Bikini, Leg & Underarm 45 mins - 1 hr
from £41
Ladies' Waxing - Leg & Underarm 45 mins - 1 hr
from £25
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Medical skin care specialist led clinic/beauty salon, that specializes in ethical business and skincare that is based on science and scientific proof. Conditions such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation, and ageing are treated so skin looks young and healthy. Face treatments and facials are based on natural skin's ability to renew and scientifical evidence. All products used in the clinic are carefully selected and are the ones with scientifical proof and research done: medical skin care Alumier MD - that has a proven track of treating various skin conditions, products are eco friendly. DR Renaud - botanical line that specializes in ingredients that are working in synergy with human skin cells, and stress relief of the patient. Filmed - SkinCeuticals line that is science, research and clinical evidence-based. Fusion - specializing in skin condition treatments via micro-needling and mesotherapy.
In the clinic, they also treat various aesthetical skin lesions: milias, angiomas (red cherry spots), skin tags, keratosis, red thread veins, warts, syringomas and similar. Viridex equipment is used that removal is based on super short RadioFrequency impulses. So minimal discomfort and short sessions. And because of the high-tech equipment - lesions can be safely removed from anywhere on the body - even intimate or delicate eye areas.
As excessive hair can be an aesthetical issue - there is a hair removal service offered. Thermolysis - permanent hair removal for random facial hairs. Or waxing for temporary hair removal on other body parts.

They have studied differences between white and ethnic skin, between skin structure of woman's or man's skin - everyone is different, so they will work towards educating each client individually to learn about his own skin. They tailor treatments to everyone with the care that they deserve and conditions that they are looking to improve.

The clinic is based at the very end of the Etham high street, so it is easy to find, easy to reach by public transport or by car.
They believe that each person is naturally beautiful, so they work towards treating and stimulating skin health and youth, by enhancing the skin's ability to renew.

The atmosphere is friendly. The salon is clinic-like, without any hair dryer noise, but with a softer look than a clinic - beauty salon-like, with a cosier atmosphere.