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Trotters - Harrods

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Hans Place, London
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Boys - Haircut 30 mins
Children's - First Haircut 30 mins
Girls - Haircut 30 mins
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Trotters', a charming children's hair salon nestled in the prestigious district of Knightsbridge, London, is a haven for stylish youngsters in need of a haircut. With its inviting and whimsical decor, the salon offers a delightful and enchanting experience for children. The team of skilled and patient hairdressers at Trotters' possesses a magical touch, ensuring that each child's visit is filled with comfort and joy. From the moment they step into the salon, little ones are greeted with friendly faces and treated to a personalized consultation, taking into account their unique preferences and personalities. Whether it's a simple trim or a more adventurous hairstyle, Trotters creates a playful atmosphere where children feel at ease, making each haircut a fun and memorable event.

Nearest public transport:

The venue is based on Brompton Road, only a 2-minute walk from Knightsbridge tube station, with local bus routes nearby.

The Team:

They are highly trained hairdressers, with many years of experience under their belt.

What we like about the venue:

  • Atmosphere: Bright and friendly.
  • Specialises in: Children's haircuts.
  • The Extra Touches: As we are based in Harrods please allow enough time to navigate through the store to the Trotters Hairdressers located on Floor 4, in the ‘Baby Gifts & Layette’ room.

You can find the Harrods interactive map here, or you can follow the instructions below.

Door 10; Hans Road Entrance

From the Hans Road entrance, door 10, take the escalators up to the 4th floor. This will take you directly into the Baby Gift and Layette Room where you will locate our Hairdressing stations

Door 7; Brompton Road Entrance

From the Brompton Road entrance, door 7, walk straight through the Luxury Accessories room in front of you into the perfumery. Keep to the right-hand side of this room, and you will reach the central escalators. Take the escalators up to the 4th floor. Walk straight ahead into the Childrenswear & Toys department. Turn left towards the Mini Superbrands and Toys department. Go down the set of steps and turn left. Follow the walkway through the Mini Designer and Children’s Shoe departments. The Baby Gifts & Layette room is at the end of this walkway, where you will locate our Hairdressing stations.

Door 5; Hans Crescent Entrance

From the Hans Crescent entrance, door 5, take the escalators up to the 4th floor. Turn right into the Toys/Childrenswear department. Walk through Soft Toys, and down the ramp to the right-hand side. Continue through the Dolls department, then turn left and head down the Mini Superbrands walkway. This walkway will take you past Mini Designer and Children’s shoes. The Baby Gifts & Layette room is at the end of this walkway, where you will locate our Hairdressing stations.