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The Fade Vault Barbershop

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Archway, London
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Men - Haircut & Beard Trim 50 mins
Men - Haircut 45 mins
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Care Package - Wash, Haircut, Styling, Beard Trim, Facial Steam1 hr 25 mins
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Welcome to 'The Fade Vault Barbershop', Archway's ultimate grooming destination!

Our barbershop is a vibrant blend of traditional techniques and cutting-edge styles, redefining the art of haircare. Discover the perfect Taper Fade as our skilled barbers work their magic, creating polished or edgy looks with meticulous detail and creativity. Experience compassionate Cranial Prosthesis expertise for those with hair loss, restoring confidence with personalised solutions.

For dreadlock enthusiasts, our Dreadlock Maintenance service keeps locks healthy and vibrant, embracing cultural significance with care. Admire our stunning Braids and Cornrows, showcasing artistry and precision that express your unique identity.

Nearest public transport

Conveniently positioned, The Fade Vault Barbershop is just a short 9-minute walk from Archway station, making it easily accessible for locals and visitors alike.

The team

Boasting a small yet skilful team, The Fade Vault Barbershop ensures each client is given undivided attention and care. The staff members are not only proficient in their craft with a celebrity clientele but also committed to creating a welcoming environment while delivering exceptional results.

What we like about the venue

  • Luxurious Ambiance: The venue exudes an air of opulence and sophistication, creating a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Specialises In: Skilled and attentive barbers and Hairdressers who demonstrate a mastery of their craft, ensuring precision and quality in every cut and style - Barbering, Scissor Work Specialists, Dreadlocks, Hair Replacement
  • Tailored Experience: The barbershop provides a personalised and tailored grooming experience, specifically catering to the unique needs of all hair Types.
  • Top-Tier Service: The attentive team delivers top-tier service, making the experience not just about grooming but also about indulging in a pampering session.
  • Community Engagement: The venue fosters a sense of community, inviting clients to share their experiences on social media and be part of a vibrant online community.
  • Commitment to Excellence: There is a clear commitment to excellence, from the choice of grooming products to the meticulous attention to detail, leaving clients feeling confident and ready to conquer the world.
  • Celebration of Culture: Beyond grooming, the venue celebrates afro heritage and culture, creating a space where diversity is embraced and the power of self-expression is honoured.