Yoga Yatra
Eatonville Villas
SW17 7SJ

Yoga Yatra is a yoga studio situated in the Tooting area.

Yoga is a science of the mind,an ancient system of exercise that includes thousands of physical and mental exercises designed to strengthen and balance the body, rejuvenate the nervous system and calm the mind.

Hatha Yoga (which originated in India more than five thousand years ago) works by releasing tension from the mind and body.The physical poses help stretch and tone muscles,joints and the spine. The breathing exercises quieten the mind,calm the emotions,and through increased oxygen intake nourish all the cells of the body.

The benefits of yoga are plenty; it helps you physically, mentally and spiritually. And puts a glow onto our face. By incorporating a healthy and balanced diet with yogic exercises we can become a healthier society. Twenty minutes daily in the comfort of your home and at least one class a week with a qualified teacher is recommended to see and feel the many benefits.

Vicky (Vikuntla) Patel is a British Indian Yogini.She has been practising yoga for twenty seven years and teaching for seven. She is Sivananda trained and has influences from Shiva Rea, Baba Ramdev and the spiritual leader Shri Shri Ravishankar.

She is able to naturally incorporate her strong Indian background into her teaching. She embraces yoga as a universal path based on traditional teachings. She aims to cultivate and realise each students' ability to enable them to reach their full potential. Vicky's classes include Asanas (physical postures) Pranayam (breathing exercises), Relaxation and Meditation.

Before starting a yoga session it is best to follow a few guidelines:

  • Make sure you have not eaten for two hours for a light meal or three hours for a heavy meal
  • Take off any jewellery that may cause discomfort in certain postures
  • Wear comfortable clothing
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