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I don't know where to begin and how to put it, but I wouldn't come back to this place. The staff was really friendly and the place was clean. I was booked in for a pedicure and manicure and one would assume they will be done at the same time or at least the therapist will try to optimize the timings. It took almost 1 hour 30 minutes to complete my pedicure (excluding drying) and the person doing it forced me to put my flipflops immediately after she finished painting my toes - resulting in the nail polish smudging all over my feet and the replication of the varnish. During the pedicure there were longer moments when my feet were soaking or I was "getting a massage" consisting in old pedicure foot bath vibrating while the "therapist" was sitting and looking at me. I felt like she could have used that time to start my manicure but it didn't' happen. When she started my manicure I was already running out of time and I gave up getting my nails painted. She still has "shaped" my nails - 2 file strokes for nail - not a good result, and "cleaned" my cuticles (oh I wished I could attach photos) . Overall she was lovely but I don't feel like I received the services I have booked. To be honest it doesn't look like i was given a professional treatment.
7 days ago
7 days ago
So being mid June during a heatwave, it was hot. Particularly once all the electrical items were on. However in the waxing room, it was like an oven. The poor beautician was doing her best but the wax couldn't set as there was no ventilation and pathetic fans. Wax could not set properly meaning most of it had to be cut off. I have also come up in bruises where the wax pulled skin with it! Didn't help that the manager kept knocking to ask us to hurry up. They also didn't have a clue what I was getting done. My hair cut was nice. When I made a comment to the manager about the heat she blamed the beautician claiming that as a hair dresser she didn't know these things and it was up to the beautician. The beautician is an employee, and has no control over whether vents get fitted or not! Obvious tension between staff was off-putting, will not be going back.
7 days ago
Caroline was very lovely and I am happy with my hair-cut. She intuitively knew what I would like/what would suit me so I barely needed to explain what I wanted which is a nice change!
9 days ago
14 days ago
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Vanity Hair and Beauty at Abbey Mills
Unit 7 The Apprentice Shop
Merton Abbey Mills
Watermill Way
SW19 2RD

Your contemporary and friendly Hair and Beauty Salon, situated at the famous Merton Abbey Mills since 2008.

Specialising in all aspects of Hair and Beauty, including threading and Mendhi (Henna). We offer free hair consultations and complimentary skin tests.

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10:00 AM6:00 PM
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10:00 AM6:00 PM
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11:00 AM3:00 PM

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