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As requested by the manager herself, I am writing a review. Summary : Overall this was possibly the worst hair cut I have ever had (uneven lengths and layers) and I am now stuck with colour that I did not ask for and any sign of my original colour has gone. This was not balayage, this was a poor attempt of full head of colour and sparse peroxide highlights (see below for more details). I booked in for the £49 balayage, hair cut and blow dry treatment thinking what good value this was, however upon arriving it was made clear that I was going to have to pay an extra £55 for a base colour as well, at the time this seemed reasonable - total £104. I had to pay up front before having any of the treatment, however she did spend a long time talking me through the treatment and I showed a picture of what I wanted. From the start she was quite aggressive and kept telling “to do my homework on what balayage is” but eventually we came to an agreement on what I wanted doing. It started with a dry hair cut, resulting in one side being a good inch longer than the other, the layers totally uneven and after getting home and washing my hair, the layers also just stick straight out in a zig zag shape. Even at the time when I asked if the layers were even as it looked like one side was shorter she shut me down. She then proceeded to start the balayage. The foils were left on for over 2 hours, resulting in peroxide streaks throughout my hair. She then walked off and got the other woman to do the base colour which was layered on without any consultation. Even when I tried to stop the woman putting it on and to go get the manager so I could ask what was happening she just said she was busy but would be back for 15 minutes and carried on. Upon returning I asked why there was so much dye and that I thought some of my original blonde colour would be left at the ends, the manager told me “I dont have to waste my product on you” and that I didn’t understand what we had discussed at the beginning and that there would still be blonde at the bottom. I was then left alone for another 40 minutes. Once the hair dye was washed off it was apparent she hadn’t done balayage and had simply turned me brunette with peroxide streaks. Even worse the mixture of brunette with peroxide made my hair look grey/green at the ends. The manager did agree to giving me a full balayage free of charge next time I came in as she could see that what she had done was nothing like the picture id asked for. However, I do not intend to return as quite frankly I don’t want any more peroxide in my hair, it has never felt so dry and brittle as it does since this appointment.
3 days ago
What i arrived i was told that my appointmememt was not booked. The salon did not look as it did in the picture. The salon did not appear clean. I was told to pay upfront, which is not the type of service im use to, as i was not comfortable i was told to take it up with the manager on anotger day. Poor customer experience. I choose to not go forward with my massage.
3 days ago
Friendly staff.
4 days ago
loved my curly blowdry
Urvashi Parekh
7 days ago
Amazing balayage and so glad I came here as the result on dark hair was as I wanted, a nice caramel tone instead of a Orange tone to what I've experienced in the past. Would definitely come back and recommend ! Thank you Aniey x
15 days ago
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