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Highly recommend the colonic hydrotherapy at this centre! Will be returning.
Kathryn Sharam
20 days ago
I have been going to the whole health centre for the last few months to see Anne-Lise and her staff. Going there has changed my life. I always struggled with my hormones and menstrual problems as well as digestive problems and difficultly in losing weight. Since I have had colonics at this place I have completely resolved these problems as well as lost weight and have also began dealing with emotional problems which are underneath which Anne Lise helped me with. She is an expert and knows exactly what to advise on what area as she gets to know you and how your body works. I trust her and her staff implicitly. They make me feel really comfortable and there is nowhere I would rather go for these types of treatment. Anne Lise prices are fair and accommodating and the other services she offers are amazing such as juice detoxes, well being groups etc. I have really felt empowered through the work I've done with Anne Lise. I never knew how the gut was so related to mental and emotional health until I started having colonics with Anne Lise. Ive had colonics before and never felt I was in expert hands like I do with the whole health centre. I would highly recommend anyone to the whole health centre. It's truly changed my life! Thanks so much xxx
Natalie O
2 months ago
I have known Anne Lise for over 20 years and completely trust her clinical knowledge and experience. She has always been able to create nurturing and beautiful environments for her clients to undertake colonic irrigation. Her attention to detail, care and commitment to the process is what engenders such confidence in me - I would not have anybody else administer these for me.
Melissa Midgen
3 months ago
Anne-Lisa was fantastic. She didnt just do the colonic, but also did a lot of massage to help the process, and also gave me lots of advice about supplements and foods to eat. Ended up getting more than I expected, so I think its good value. Would go again.
8 months ago
I was nervous and awkward/embarassed at the idea of going in but Anna-Lise was approachable/welcoming and not at all judgemental. I thought it would be painful or wildly uncomfortable but it wasn't painful at all and not uncomfortable. She was informative and helpful, with suggestions for my diet as well. I'd go again and would recommend to anyone!
2 years ago
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The Whole Health Centre
78 Haverstock Hill
Belsize Park

At the Whole Health centre, Anne-Lise Miller heads a team of skilled therapists all working closely together for your benefit.

Dedicated to self-care and well-being the venue offers a wide range of treatments and programmes. They are designed to enhance digestive health and elimination and to naturally treat a wide range of conditions from bloating and hormonal issues to irritable bowel and constipation .

Anne-Lise Miller has over 25 years experience in successfully incorporating a holistic approach to her Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments.

Colonic Hydrotherapy at the Whole Health Centre can be complemented with herbal, probiotic or coffee implants.

Recommendations are adapted to the needs and situation of each person. They are simple and easy to apply and are chosen to give maximum health benefits.

Urban detox weekends, weight-loss and cleansing programmes are also available at the Whole Health Centre.

The Colon Hydrotherapists practicing at the Whole Health Centre are all registered members of the Institute of Professional Colon Hydrotherapy

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