The Waxologist
32A Stockport Rd

Based in the heart of Cheadle Village in a discreet setting. The Waxologist specialises in Intimate waxing for men and women otherwise known as Brazilian or Boyzilian waxing, she is dedicated solely to the art of precision waxing having undertaken extensive training. Using the finest wax from Paris made by Perron Rigot to give the most comfortable wax possible, this wax is known as Hot wax, hard wax, non strip wax or peel-able wax. The combination of experience, technique, high quality products and a healthy obssession for hair removal makes The Waxologist the 'must go to' for all your waxing needs. A massage might relax you, eyelash extensions make you feel flirty, but nothing leaves you feeling sexier than an intimate wax! But of course all areas of the body can benefit from a wax, underarms, legs, nostrils. Yes you read it right nostrils! Unsightly nostril hair can appear ageing or off-putting and that’s a good enough reason alone to wax them but in summer a good nostril wax can be more effective to a hay fever sufferer than taking an antihistamine! Other area's include Chests, backs, feet and toes and not forgetting eyebrows. Eyebrows are another area of expertise, a fabulous brow design can take years off a person or set you on the road to 'Brow recovery'. You know, when you've shaved or over plucked or just generally made a 'right pigs ear' of them. A bespoke brow designed to suit your face and colouring will leave you feeling well groomed and confident. Ready to take on the world or just your boss! Now, back to the intimate waxing. The Waxologist won't be embarrassed and nor should you be (not by your second wax anyway), skin is skin, It doesn’t matter where it is, or what shape and size you are. The Waxologist wants you to feel as comfortable as possible so please be assured it's a friendly, professional and discreet service.

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