The Retreat - North Yorkshire

Split Farthing Hall, Bagby, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 2AF
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Split Farthing Hall, Bagby, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 2AF

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Split Fathering hall is a fabulous luxurious retreat experience in beautiful North Yorkshire countryside. The focus is on personal development and your day is broken up by kundalini yoga, group and solo exercises and long walks punctuated with the most delicious raw food. I was very nervous before going, I was worried it would be too navel gazing’ Claire and her team put me immediately at ease with an empowering and enjoyable program. If you need a re-set and a chance to step away from your life to take a good long look at it with a view to make changes – this is your place. I can genuinely say this retreat changed my life.
5 years ago


The Retreat - North Yorkshire
Split Farthing Hall
North Yorkshire

The exclusive Women Only wellbeing retreat...

We offer a variety of Women Only retreats all devised with the aim of you taking back control of your life, your health and your emotional well-being, using an holistic approach of powerful coaching techniques, breathwork, yoga, meditation, exercise and the energy of gourmet raw food. All whilst being fully supported within a small, intimate group of no more than 5 like-minded women.

Go on a guided journey of healthy self-discovery in beautiful luxurious surroundings with our signature retreat programs:

- Put Yourself Firstcreate life on your terms

Learn how to prioritise your needs and boundaries without guilt, realise your self-worth and embrace what you really want out of life...

- Confident Youmake the most of change

Reveal the source of your self-confidence, accept yourself and discover how to gracefully start a new life chapter.

- Balance Your Lifefind harmony in place of stress

Discover ways to manage issues of stress, time management & energy levels and realise how to achieve harmony in all areas of your life (includes low-impact gentle exercise).

- Revitalise your Bodyembrace a healthy lifestyle

Discover exciting and enjoyable ways of detoxing & rejuvenating your body; understand your relationship with food & exercise and reveal your ultimate healthy lifestyle (includes medium level fitness activities).

- and more...

Nestled in the splendour of the Vale of York surrounded by the magnificent North York Moors and beautiful Yorkshire Dales, Split Farthing Hall provides the vista into new horizons. A place of tranquillity for you to reflect on that which is important, a peaceful haven for you to explore your dreams and a fabulous centre for you to learn new skills to restart recharged with energy and vitality.

Dr Claire Maguire, who runs the retreats, evokes and inspires deep transformational work through addressing the relationship we hold with food and how what we eat ties up with our emotional well-being and identity.

Based on the living food philosophy, our aim is to show you that raw food can be delicious, tasty, filling and amazing! Claire Maguire is one of th eUKs top raw food chefs, creating gourmet living food temptations to delight the palate. From enticing canapés, to delicious main meals such as pesto courgetti or hearty beetroot chilli, through to decadent desserts like luscious lemon cheese cake and rich chocolate berry flan – all 100% raw & vegetarian, but you’d never realise it...

Why raw food?

· Because at The Retreat, food and nutrition is our passion. Food is central to our well-being and the basis to staying healthy in mind, body and soul. We believe in delicious, healthy, fresh meals with the focus on seasonal produce from local producers with the right food provenance.

· Because the living food diet helps to:

  • Increase clarity of mind to think more clearly
  • Improve your memory
  • Create more energy & vibrancy
  • Rejuvenate your skin
  • Lose weight sensibly
  • Eat healthy, delicious food
  • Detox your body

In essence we follow a macrobiotic diet which highlights the importance of food on overall health and emphasises season, local, organic produce. It is a diet high in natural foods with little or no processing.

To discover more about all that is on offer in this unique and stunning place, please visit our web site.

We look forward to you joining us soon...

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