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Always good service. Come here often.
23 days ago
I loved the hairdresser whom cut my hair, the male one. He was absolutely brilliant and had me feeling good from the minute I sat down. Thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and the 'me time'!
2 months ago
Went in for a half head of highlights, cut and blow dry. I asked for the same colours as were already in my hair as I just needed the roots done. However, the hairdresser put the bleach on all the way to the ends and my hair is now white. I'm devastated as I had a very natural-looking blonde colour and now it looks fake, harsh and tarty. Not only that, my hair is destroyed - it never used to tangle and now I struggle getting a brush through it when wet. The hairdresser (Colette) needs to learn a thing or 2 about customer service; I'm not chatty at the best of times but she was clearly in a bad mood, she argued with other staff members in front of me, snapped at me when she couldn't get my parting right and thrust the comb at me and told me to part it myself. I felt very uncomfortable at times during my appointment. I'm not sure what to do about my hair now... I hate the colour of it and know my roots are going to be out of control in a couple of weeks given how white it is now (I'm naturally a dark blonde / mousy colour and can get away with a good 6-8 weeks without the roots being too bad usually). I think I need some darker colour put through it but I don't want to have more colour put on my hair given the damage that has been done by the bleach this time and certainly wouldn't want to let the same hairdresser near my hair again. So now not only do I have hair that is damaged, not what I asked for and a colour that I hate and doesn't suit me, but I'm £100 out of pocket for the whole experience. I won't be going back.
Abigail Millar
3 months ago
4 months ago
nice hair cut with Collette. frequent customer, would recommend for a good value hair cut.
4 months ago
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The Hair Company
112 Pitshanger Lane
W5 1QP

The Hair Company is a modern salon located near Pitshanger Park in Ealing. Open 7 days a week, since 2006 they have utilised their patented brand of precision style to create a fulfilling and enriching hairdressing experience.

With a large client base and a stylish and comfortable interior, The Hair Company’s philosophy puts the customer first. A range of high-end brands such as Redken and L’Oreal allow you to choose high-quality products which perfectly suit your hair. From haircuts to colours, their on-hand team of stylists and hairdressers combine your individuality with their experience and skill, delivering an exceptional result that works for you.

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