SureSlim Guildford
No.2 Milkhouse Gate

SureSlim Weight Loss and Wellness Clinics create tailored eating plans for all types of lifestyles.

SureSlim create diet plans, by using your blood test results and an analysis of your medical history, medication, food dislikes and lifestyle. Each plan is designed to correct your glucose metabolism and balance your hormone levels so that you lose inches, weight and get healthy.

Your daily diet or the food that you consume is your body’s fuel, but not all foods make good fuel. A typical UK diet is full of foods that cause glucose and insulin levels to fluctuate, and metabolic processes to career out of control. When this happens, your body goes into survival mode and begins to store fat, and lots of it.

Your tailored Diet plan teaches you how to feed your body properly so that you start burning fat, instead of storing it. The SureSlim Diet plans use only natural, unprocessed foods that can be purchased at any supermarket. Your diet plan will be nutritionally balanced, consisting of proteins, high-quality fats, and a controlled reduction in carbohydrates, specifically for the purposes of weight loss high quality fats are an essential part of a healthy diet! There are no pills, shakes, pre-packaged foods or injections our Diet plans are constructed around what you like and what is good for your body.

SureSlim also caters for diabetics offering diet plans which look to correct/balancing glucose metabolism by either stimulating or suppressing the hormones that control body weight.

Clients can select a diet plan to suit their lifestyle and for those wishing to lose weight can easily lose 10lbs a month and once lost by following a few simple rules can maintain their weight for life. SureSlim also have independent research proving clients following the plan can lower cholesterol and balance sugar levels and were commissioned by Barking and Dagenham PCT to provide diet plans for 186 patients.

SureSlim Diet Plans are well balanced incorporating all the major foods groups. There are no pills, potions or milkshakes just normal foods that can be purchased at any supermarket making it easy for clients to enjoy this balanced approach whilst in the company of family and friends.

All clients have a blood test, which looks at you as an individual. Once the blood test has been medically screened we formulate your individual SureSlim Eating Plan. The SureSlim eating plan draws upon a number of different ideas about weight loss and nutrition. Your plan will be tailored around your needs and you will have telephone support consultations with a SureSlim consultant to provide you with the support and motivation you need, for a total of three months. Please give us a call for more in depth information.


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