Stak Hair Studio
1 Fulham Road
B11 4QD

Welcome to Stak Hair Studio.

We’re rapidly becoming known for impressive classic cuts as well as cutting-edge contemporary and creative styles – we offer a style for everyone.

Our emphasis is on client-stylist relationships, as is our razor-sharp three principle approach to cutting – shape, texture and colour.

Our team might be the biggest names in the industry, but that’s our advantage. Premium prices are not a prerequisite for a premium finish and we don’t believe professional services need to come with a premium price. Professionalism transcends price at Stak.

In staying ahead of the game, our director and stylists base our services upon proven and tested customer experience and the traditional, professional consultation all enthused with a mixture of classic and contemporary fashion ensure all our clients leave with their own style– not just a reproduced cut, one which suits and reflects their lifestyle, personality and taste.

Our rapidly expanding client base is testament to the high level of attention to detail, innovation, value for money and razor sharp initiative, turning this Birmingham suburb into a "style hub". Our constantly evolving team have not just an eye on trend and fashion, but you – our client.

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