Sparkle Skin & Body
The Old Post Office
8-10 Mill Street
CW12 1AB

Health Centre Approved Medi Skin Clinic, & Private Inch Loss Centre and Gym. Medical Led Skin Proceedures including Acne Treatments, Anti Ageing, Skin Cell Metabolism, Skin Resturcture and Rejuvenate, Re-Densify Fine lines & Wrinkles, Scar & Stretch Mark Proceedures, Pigmentation, Facial Re-Sculpt and Contour ....... Private Training "POD" Gym - Work out on the latest technologically advanced cardio equipment housed within their own private cubicles - No more embarassment, No more feeling self conscious, Just you , your own private space and your own private music/tv system V irtual Training - Sports simulators - Encourage core strength and tone Infrared Slimming Capsules - Lie and relax in a self enclosed "capsule" whilst the dry sauna and far infrared energy is absorbed by the body - Detox, Rejuvenate, Slim and Drain Vacupower - Work out in a sub pressure capsule - negative air pressure on the lower body increases fat metabolsim, smooths cellulite and encourages excess water loss - Inch loss for the waist down Endermologie - Sparkle are one of only a handful of clinics in the UK to be given preferred and approved status for performing Lipomassage by Endermologie Inch Loss Treatments - FDA Approved for inch loss in stubborn places

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