Spa by Car - It's Me Me Me time

We have established the ultimate stress free and modern day mobile beauty solution where you can have all of your treatments carried out in the comfort of your own home, and most importantly, at times that suit you.

We offer luxury pampering, accessibility, and a personal service. Plus we come with an affordable price tag.

With our unique approach, and reliability we can help you to keep up with your fast paced lifestyle while still looking your best.

With over 50 different beauty and spa treatments - from bronzing to make up, facials to threading - our highly qualified therapists will transform the way you feel about yourself. And since Spa by Car comes to you, the only time you lift a finger is to have your nails polished.

On the outside, you will be re-beautified. On the inside you will feel more relaxed and more like ‘you’.

One of life’s indulgences? Yes. One of life’s necessities? Definitely! Be completely pampered at home, by Spa by Car luxury mobile beauty london.

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