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I would not waste time and money visting this venue. My massage was meant to be an hour and was cut to half an hour, even though I paid the full price for 1 hour. We were meant to be 'treated' to a glass of Champagne - but we were not even offered that - just a glass of tap water! Really awful - would not go there again!!!
5 years ago
Treatment was very good and relaxing, therapist was very friendly and facilities really good, The only down point was that there was a lack of seating around the pool with only 3 seats for everyone to use as some were broken. But otherrwise an absolute bargain.
6 years ago
I thought it was ok and with the deal, great value for money. The products that are used in the treatment areas are superb and would recommend them to anyone! The treatment area was nicely laid out and suitably calming and fault there. I was surprised that there were no facilities in the pool/sauna/steam room area for drinking water and it was problematic getting water from the staff...given that there were signs up reminding people to stay hydrated especially when using the sauna/steam room there should have been some provision. A water cooler and cups would have been ideal and very easy to install. There was no Jacuzzi which was a disappointment, instead there was a large childrens splash pool...the area taken up with that could easily have been split into two so that there was some kind of Jacuzzi. One more issue that we had (as did all the other visitors to the pool that day) was that there was very little seating around the pool/sauna/steam room area...specifically there were 2 loungers and 2 chairs....well 4 seats quite simply are not enough.......people were having to sit on chairs from the reception area (putting their books and reading materials on the floor as there were no tables) after asking for some kind of seating other than the floor...hardly conducive to the relaxing spa experience that the spa is meant to be offering! In conclusion, more seating, tables and water provisons would have made the spa a much more comfortable experience. I wouldn't go back again unless I got another very good deal.
6 years ago
This was a great offer. My daughter and I had a lovely day. The treatment and staff were great. The pool was fine until a few hotel guests joined us. Then it was a bit small and crowded. Would definately recommend it to friends and family though and would go again myself.
6 years ago
This was a very enjoyable experience and great value - customer service was very good if somewhat erratic in attendance! Friendly and courteous staff, very nice pool and intense steam room and sauna. Recommended.
6 years ago
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You...Spa brings together the perfect combination of spa treatments, signature therapies and workshops; where the soul purpose is literally you. At You...Spa one can enjoy a totally unique experience where the focus is placed soley on treating each client as an individual; mind, body and soul and on developing the purest treatments and sourcing the highest quality products.

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