Sandra Opul Permanent Makeup

at the Love U Salon, 129 High Street, Uxbridge, UB8 1JX

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Written by our customers, so you know what to expect at each and every venue.
Sandra's work is unbelievable - She's so precise and a real perfectionist. Can't recommend her enough! Very happy customer. I had previously used another SPMU who said my skin wasn't suitable however Sandra had no problems whatsoever and did an unbelievable job. She's taken years off my face! Thank you :)
Really professional and friendly understanding exactly what I wanted. Really pleased with my eyeliner!I do recommend her to all my friends and people from work.
What an amazing professional. I am so so pleased with my eyebrows and although, they have changed the way I look at my face. Well worth the money. Thank you!!
I had my eyebrows done by Sandra, very happy with the result, very friendly and helpfull lady. Will do my eyeliner in the future as results are amazing. Thank you very much!


Sandra Opul Permanent Makeup
at the Love U Salon
129 High Street

What is semi permanent make up?

Semi permanent make up or cosmetic tattooing allows you to improve, correct and enhance your natural features. Whether it’s providing more definition to your eyes with semi permanent eyeliner, creating beautiful uniform eyebrows with microblading, or by bringing symmetry, fullness and colour to your lips, semi permanent make up offers long lasting and effortlessly realistic results.

What does it involve?

The non-surgical process involves inserting hypo-allergenic pigments into the skin to deliver a semi permanent make up effect. And although the intensity of colour is darker immediately after the procedure, it will reduce and soften during the healing process to deliver a subtle and natural looking finish.

Will it hurt?

Some people experience some discomfort during the procedure, whereas others do not. That’s why we apply a numbing agent to the area being treated to aid your comfort during the treatment.

What are the benefits?

Semi permanent make up can last from between one to three years with only an annual touch up required to maintain the shape and colour of the pigment. Therefore it’s a great solution if you’re looking to correct or enhance your features without being a slave to the daily make up routine.

Semi permanent eyebrows

Eyebrows play a crucial part in accentuating and framing the eyes, but unfortunately we’re not all blessed with perfect brows. Semi permanent make up can enhance as well as correct imperfections and flaws, such as naturally sparse, missing, over-plucked, over-waxed, fair coloured or unsymmetrical brows, to create natural and realistic hairstroke eyebrows using microblading.

What does it involve?

Microblading, also known as eyebrow tattooing, implants pigment under the skin using a specially designed handheld tool with disposable micro blades that draws super fine individual hair strokes to create a realistic and natural finish.

Will it hurt?

Some people experience can a little discomfort during the procedure, others don’t - it really depends on the person. However, the discomfort is no worse than having your eyebrows plucked and we apply a numbing agent to the area to make it as comfortable as possible during the procedure.

How do I decide on the colour and shape of my eyebrows?

Working closely with Sandra, together you’ll determine the perfect shape, style and colour of eyebrow to suit the look you want to achieve. Whether you’re looking for a dramatically bold eyebrow or an understated natural finish, Sandra will design the perfect brow to enhance your natural features and mix the perfect colour pigment to complement your skin tone.

What are the benefits?

As semi permanent make up can last between one to three years, you’ll have perfectly symmetrical eyebrows that only require an annual touch up to maintain their shape and colour. Microblading is the perfect solution for those looking for instantly beautiful, sculpted eyebrows that require virtually no maintenance.

Semi permanent eyeliner

The eyes are said to be the gateway to the soul, so it’s no surprise that we are constantly trying to enhance them with make up. From mascaras promising fuller, longer lashes to liners guaranteeing a faultless line, we’re forever trying to replicate the skills of make up artists with little or no success.

Semi permanent eyeliner can provide a bold definitive line or soft, natural eyelash enhancement that will make your eyelashes appear fuller and thicker and accentuate your eyes.

What does it involve?

Convenient and maintenance-free, semi permanent eyeliner can be dotted between the eyelashes on the upper and lower lash line for a subtle and natural enhancement to the eye, or applied as a sharp or bold line to add dramatic effect.

Will it hurt?

This really does depend on the individual; some people experience no discomfort, whilst others experience a little.

What are the benefits?

Semi permanent eyeliner is the ideal solution for those on the go with little or no time to apply make up or those who struggle to apply eyeliner accurately or effectively. And even for those who are allergic to conventional make up.

Semi permanent eyeliner allows you to say goodbye to the smudges, smears and runs often associated with wearing conventional lid liner and eyeliner and say hello to beautifully defined eyes from the minute you wake up.

Lips – change to Semi permanent lips

The ageing process has a lot to answer for and one of the effects is the loss of fullness, shape and colour of the lips. But of course we can’t always blame the ageing process; some of us are just not blessed with the shape, colour and size of lips that we would prefer.

What does it involve?

Semi permanent make up can restore the natural fullness, colour and correct the symmetry of the mouth lost through the ageing process. Lip procedures address these issues by redefining the shape through semi permanent lip contouring to make the mouth appear larger or smaller and by applying colour with a semi permanent lip blush. From nudes and corals, to pinks and reds, colour can be infused into the lips to provide constant subtle or bold lip colour, eradicating the need to apply lipstick altogether.

Will it hurt?

Every person is different with some people experiencing minor discomfort, whilst others experience none during the procedure. To aid your comfort, we apply a numbing agent to the area being treated.

What are the benefits?

Semi permanent make up can enhance your lip shape and colour to give you younger looking fuller lips, as well as reshape your lips by visually increasing or reducing their size.

A consultation is always carried out prior to any work. During the consultation we will discuss colour, shape, your expectations, I will go through a thorough medical check to make sure the treatment is safe for you and how aftercare is so important in maintaining your freshly done semi permanent make up. I will answer any questions you may have and give full details of the the process and aftercare.

I always take my time designing your new brows which are drawn on first until we are both 100 per cent satisfied. Once you are happy with everything we can proceed with the treatment.

Semi-permanent make-up is an ideal choice for individuals who…
•Are fed up with daily routine of applying and re-applying make-up.
•Are dissatisfied with the shape of their eyebrows or natural contour of their lips.
•Want to save time due to busy daily schedules.
•Suffer from allergies related to cosmetics.
•Have vision problems that cause difficulty when applying make-up.
•Suffer with arthritis and dexterity problems that make it difficult to apply make-up.
•Have a complete or partial loss of eyebrows caused by alopecia, hypothyroidism,
chemotherapy treatments or other conditions.
•Have sustained burns or scars.
•Have a cleft lip or want fuller-looking lips.
•Want to look the way they’ve always dreamt about.