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Mobile service throughout South West London. Part of Sam King Massage Therapy.
Mobile service throughout South West London. Part of Sam King Massage Therapy.
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Written by our customers, so you know what to expect at each and every venue.
Always amazing. Highly recommend
Great massage
Excellent Massage, really focussed on the different problem areas for both of us and we felt great afterwards, thanks
Sam was very attentive and tailored each of our massages to our needs. Feel absolutely amazing today. Sam is also a really lovely person and put us both at ease right away!
Sam was amazing, I feel like I’m floating on air now. The full body massage has really helped take the pressure of my tired swollen feet and she took care to ensure me and bump were comfortable. Apologies I think I may have snored at one point I was so relaxed
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Massage Therapist
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My name is Sam King and I am a freelance massage therapist, I specialize in working with clients that have tight aching muscles caused by stress, associated with demanding times, or by sitting at a computer for long periods during a normal working day. I offer onsite chair massage in offices, at events and have a private practice. Massage boost productivity - by relieving fatigue and stimulate creative thinking. Mobile Massage Therapy delivered to your home, office or event in Greater London. Sam provides a wonderful range of massage therapy treatments to enjoy in the comfort of your home or office. Here is what to expect Before your treatment begins Please have two towels to hand, these will be laid over your body during the treatment. Your home or office I will arrive at your home or office with everything needed for your treatment - a massage table, oils and music. All I ask is that you have enough space for your massage, just imagine a 6ft tall person lying down,that will give you a good idea of the space we need. Your first appointment Please allow an extra 10 minutes at the beginning of your first appointment so that we can go through a full consultation with you. This will allow us to find out exactly what you want from your treatment and just check on things like allergies and any other health or wellbeing issues that may affect your massage. If you have any significant health problems, I would really appreciate you mentioning these when you make your booking so we can have a chat with you about these before your treatment. Now you get to enjoy a wonderful treatment Your towels will cover your body throughout your treatment and only the area I'm working on will be exposed so your dignity will be protected at all times. You might also like to make sure that the room is warm and if you have any music that you love and helps you relax, do feel free to have this on. Sam will also bring music a selection of relaxing meditation music that you can choose to have on during your treatment. The smell of essential oils and soft music playing adds to the tranquil environment. Sam will discuss with you what areas of your body that you feel she should spend extra time on. You can undress to a level you are comfortable with but you are required to wear your underwear at all times during your treatment. Requests to be inappropriately uncovered will not be tolerated by your therapist. I will then leave the room while you undress, giving you several minutes to get comfortable and begin relaxing. Full body 90 min massage typically starts the session with 20-25 minutes of back massage using pre blended essential oils. I will then move on to the arms and then the back of the legs. You are then asked to turn over onto your back. I will then work on your head, neck and shoulders then the front of your legs and end with a foot massage. All massage treatments are tailored to each individual needs, focusing on your areas of tension throughout the treatment. At the end of the session I will leave the room again while you re-dress. At any point, if I apply too much pressure or you feel uncomfortable in any way, you should tell me. Massage therapy is about helping you relax, not making you feel tense.




Sam King Therapy
Mobile service throughout South West London

Specialising in a diverse range of massages for you to enjoy at home or work, Sam King Therapy is a mobile therapist working throughout South West London.

Each massage is tailored to meet your individual needs, giving you the results required to make every day better. Sam’s skills and expertise are shown throughout her work meaning she will surpass all your expectations.

Ensuring you have a peaceful experience, Sam will deliver a professional service and create a calming space that will leave you looking refreshed and feeling fantastic.

Step into a world of pure relaxation at your chosen place where your treatment will be unforgettable. Also, treatments are available at Bellissima Clinic on Sundays.

Please bear in mind if you choose to pay at the venue, payment method is cash only.

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Top Rated 2017

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