Qi Unity
6 Thackeray Court
Elystan Place

Are you feeling tired? Feeling run-down? Are you susceptible to colds and flus? Do you have foggy headedness? Do you want better memory, memory recall and better mental clarity and focus Is stress preventing you from being able to get more energy?

Qi Unity Clapham is the haven for health, vitality, energy healing and mind body spirit balance for wellbeing- Our Centre offers Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Mind Mindfulness components of the overall wellbeing vision.

Mindfulness practices are so important in bettering our lives because they help us to manage our thoughts and feelings which effect our emotions.

Mindfulness is expressed in: all of our fitness classes all of our therapies & treatments all of our meditation classes and courses all of our transformational talks.

Body Physical components of the overall wellbeing vision.

QiYoga - for a powerful body and peaceful mind combining Qi gong and Hatha Yoga Tai Chi , Pilates, Dance, Vitality Workshops - to Nourishing your body through "Raw Food Nutrition": 7 Facilitating people to go 50%+ raw .Spirit , Conscious evolution components of the overall wellbeing vision.

The word spirit or spirituality is a personal term open to several interpretations. I am not religious but have my individual and deep connections to spirit.

The Universal Law of Attraction is vital in assisting people become an embodiment of their higher self, whereby you do not self-sabotage or are preoccupied judging yourself and others. For this reason inspirational self-growth and development events including self-transformational talks are vital for facilitating people to live their full potential - to evolve confidently and consciously. Fiona Kaczmarczyk, Qi Unity Founder

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