Pure Thai Therapy - Sheffield

Wellspring Complementary Health Centre, 22A Holme Lane, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S6 4JQ
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Wellspring Complementary Health Centre, 22A Holme Lane, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S6 4JQ

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Great massage, great price, friendly and welcoming service. Leave 5 minutes to find the location, but the instructions sent were very helpful and clear.
a month ago
Nina was very welcoming and professional. She asked questions to make sure everything is to your specific needs. Would definitely recommend!
a month ago
Nina you are an absolute miracle worker!!! The whole experience from start to finish was fantastic & I loved that you paid particular attention to the issue with my neck / shoulders - the night after was the first night I've slept properly in 3 weeks. I can't thank you enough.
a month ago
Nina was very warm, friendly and great! She was able to find all my muscle points that were tense and help me release those tension. I felt really relaxed after the treatments. I had massive knots in my shoulders for months before visiting her and it definitely felt looser after paying her a visit. I would definitely recommend her.
Mei Chen
4 months ago
Thank you Nina for the most amazing massages I have EVER had. Especially the traditional Thai massage you gave me on Monday - where you worked along the Sen Lines. I have NEVER before had any therapy where I ended up feeling both completely relaxed AND energised at the same time. I am already looking forward so much to my next one. More of the same please!
5 months ago
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Pure Thai Therapy - Sheffield
Wellspring Complementary Health Centre
22A Holme Lane
South Yorkshire
S6 4JQ

Welcome to Pure Thai Therapy,

I am Nina, I live in Sheffield 10 years already. I have gained Thai Massage and Thai reflexology from Thailand since 2004 from Watpo Thai Traditional Massage School in Bangkok, Thailand. I have started to work as a self-employ as a Thai Massage therapist at Physio Therapy Sheffield and now I join Wellspring Complementary Health Centre group on Holme Lane, Sheffield in Hillsborough area. I have been trained and gained Swedish and Aromatherapy massage from the experience and successful beauty salon called The Relaxation Den.

I am now using combination technique between Traditional Thai Massage and Western Massage for using with individual clients. Most of my clients prefer a deep massage to gentle as it is applied to each client needs.

Mobile Massage to your comfort home within 5 miles from S6 4JQ also available from Monday - Friday (1-hour minimum order) with CRB checked. Booking acceptable and for WOMEN AND COUPLES only by phone 07910132447 or E-mail: ninapurethai@gmail.com

Service offer;

  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Thai Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy

Thai Massage is a unique and powerful therapy combining acupressure, gentle stretching, and applied yoga. It is ideal for anyone regardless of age, state of health or level of flexibility.

Thai Massage is done on a floor mat with comfort wear or underwear requiring.

Thais have long recognised that most musculo-skeletal pain and lack of mobility of the joints is the result of muscles shortening under the influence of repetitive strain.

For the Thais this is not surprising. They regard balance and unimpeded flow of Sen as vital for good health. A good Thai massage achieves this and can correct emotional problems as well as physical ones.

The pressing techniques of Thai massage prepare muscles for stretching by increasing their permeability to the flow of Sen energies. The manipulations are designed to stretch the muscles a little more than would be possible unaided.

First time recipients of the massage react differently; some find the pressing techniques – particularly those done with the thumb a little uncomfortable; others are shocked at the degree of stretching their stiff body can achieve.

Almost all feel relaxed, refreshed and much more flexible afterwards, and those who have regular Thai massage come to enjoy the deep pressure techniques and spectacular manipulations.

What benefits to expect after a Thai Massage

  • Improved posture
  • Better sleep
  • Improves Metabolism and aids in weight loss (combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise)
  • Alleviates stresses and tensions
  • Improved blood pressure
  • Better digestive system (Constipation/IBS)
  • Relieves back & neck pain
  • General well-being

*This form of massage is unsuitable for pregnant women or people with serious injuries


  • Traditional Thai Massage,
  • Thai oil massage
  • Thai feet massage (reflexology)
  • Swedish Massage
  • Aromatherapy

Located at Wellspring Complementary Health Centre 22a Holme Lane, Hillsborough, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S6 4JQ.

Booking number 07910132447

follow me; www.facebook.com/purethaitherapy

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