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This is the most terrible experience I ever had for a massage service. I booked an appointment on 9/25 morning to have a treatment on same day afternoon. Pure Elegance then called me to say Wahanda did not contact her at the right time and asked me to change my appointment to next day afternoon. It's fine. I am okay with that. The next day I went to their address at MK403RS, which is the postcode shown on Wahanda website. However, I couldn't find the shop and I kept calling her for 8 times and sent 3 SMS to her during the whole hour but didn't get a reply at all. I then discovered the address on Wahanda is 185 Spring Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire, which is DIFFERENT from postcode MK403RS. I took more than half an hour to get to 185 Spring Road but still couldn't find the shop. As there was still no one pick up the call from the mobile number shown on Wahanda, I google Pure Elegance and finally find their landline number. I could finally get someone to pick my call but they said they are in 137 Castle Road (same as MK403RS), but this address is not shown on Wahanda at all! I explained the whole story to her, told her I was in MK403RS but no one pick up call and I couldn't find the shop and asked if she can book me later on same day but she rejected. I told her I don't live in Bedford and couldn't come tomorrow. She just couldn't help me. She claimed she was waiting for me at 2pm but I didn't show up. The problem is, if you are waiting for a client but she didn't show up, why don't you call her? Okay, not even call her, why don't you spend one second to look at your phone to see those 8 miss calls and SMSs? I was already there but couldn't find the shop, if she had ever thought of calling me or even just looking at her phone, I won't need to go all the way from Castle Road to Spring Road (more than half an hour by bus) and still couldn't find the shop. The other big problem is how come the address on Wahanda can be wrong? After all, I fully paid on 9/25 morning but couldn't receive any service till now. She said she didn't even know I was booked and it's not her fault. She even told me only Wahanda received the money and she didn't. She just advised me to ask Wahanda for refund. At this moment, I am still not sure if I can get my money back. If that is such a mess between Wahanda and the shop (including both address and appointment time), then I would suggest them just don't show on Wahanda and avoid any more people to suffer.
3 years ago


Pure Elagance
137 Castle Road
MK40 3RS
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