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7 days ago
Well what can I say! Absolute and utter rubbish. I arrived at perfect beauty at 2pm to be told my appointment had been changed to 3pm. That wasn't a problem so I arrived back at 3pm to have to wait whilst staff was getting her nails done. Then I went into the room and it was a mess, floor dirty and the lady doing my eyelashes did not look professional at all. She explained what was best for me ( like I don't know). I already had eyelashes on that were half out grown due to my friend doing them but as she is on holiday all I wanted was a touch up. This lady has no bloody idea. I asked her how long she had been doing beauty for and she said for 2 years so I was under the impression she knew what she was doing. Erm no. 1) she removed my eyelash extensions that I had on cause she couldn't work with that. 2) She has no idea how to put eyelash extensions on. I have been getting eyelash extensions for over a year by salons in London and by my dearest friend and I have never experienced so much discomfort as I did on Saturday in perfect beauty. This lady doesn't know how to put on lashes as she has glued 3 eyelash extensions to my eyelid and to the root!!!!!( to which if she was a proper lash technician she would of left a 3mm gap between the root and lash), then put so much glue on that the lashes have become hard and crusty, and my eyes watered the entire time as she put so much glue on. Seriously!!!!! I cant even wash my face as it hurts to wash my eyes. I then came back on Monday as I would of come on Sunday had they been opened, and the lash lady was rude and stated that I had done this to myself! What the hell. I got my refund and she said that I can come back on Tuesday morning and have them removed for free. So here is Tuesday and she decides to give me attitude. I also had the salon manager there saying that I can have my eyelashes removed I just need to sign a waver, which I was happy to do. The lash lady then says I'm not doing it for free and you need to pay £20.(Not even London charges £20) At this point I'm so angry I leave. As a customer the salon should remove or help the customer feel at ease and want them to come back. Also talking about me to the salon below I found utterly disgusting. All in all, I am never going back and would never recommend anyone to come here. You want to look and feel great GO TO LONDON! I would rather pay London prices than go here!!!!!! Disgraceful customer service.
8 days ago
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My regular parlour
15 days ago
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good service as always
21 days ago
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First time here, never had a wax before, but Pav was so professional and really put me at ease by explaining everything. She was chatty, warm and friendly, and altogether a really nice lady. I will definitely be going here again and highly recommend.
a month ago
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Perfect Beauty West Sussex
64 The Boulevard
Above Jimmy Chop Chop
West Sussex
RH10 1XH

Perfect Beauty was founded by beauty therapist Pawan in 2008. A highly motivated and skilled technician, she realised that Crawley definitely needed a little more glamour. Originally based within Toni & Guy, Pawan relocated to a bespoke facility on the top floor of the Jimmy Chop Chop hair salon in 2011. She created a space where your beautiful and amazing body can experience the latest treatments and most stimulating products, all within an affordable budget and, most importantly, with a smile! Drop in any time for a consultation or to book a treatment and let us look after you - we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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