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Teeth Whitening

Hi, I'm Liz and I set up Pearlys in 2004. I started off in my small clinic in South Woodford offering just laser whitening. I found that although guests' teeth whitened by 8-14 shades (which is as good as any clinic can achieve with an in-clinic power bleaching treatment) some people, particularly smokers and tea drinkers, weren't getting the whiteness they wanted. I hate it if my guests are anything less than delighted and so I had to do something. I then introduced customised whitening trays made from impressions of my guests teeth, actually to start with back in 2005 I hand made the trays myself using my own unique system because trays that I'd researched weren't always finished well and I just needed to know that each set was effective, comfortable and safe. This combination of whitening processes really does give the best results and best value for all Pearlys guests for 3 reasons:

  • It allows clients with even the most stained teeth achieve the whiteness they want by kick starting the process with the laser treatment and then if required by using the home-kit until all staining is removed.
  • The classic 'rebound staining' that is often seen following a laser only treatment is avoided.
  • Pearlys clients can maintain their brighter smile for no extra cost as the gel in the home-kit will last for up to 2 years (just keep it in the fridge). For just £45 for 4, more syringes can be purchased from us.

The Treatment:

During a full consultation with your teeth whitening expert you will assess your pre-treatment colour using a vita teeth shade guide. Next you'll relax on the treatment couch and a cheek retractor will comfortably hold your lips and tongue away form the teeth. A gum dam will be painted onto the top of the teeth to fully protect the gums and the Pearlys whitening gel and 'laser' light will then lift out the staining during 3 short applications. You will then be able to check the post-treatment colour of your teeth and compare the difference - most clients can expect between 8-12 shade uplift at this stage.

Good Impression!

You will then take a simple impression of your teeth which will be used by the Pearlys laboratory to fabricate trays for your home-kit which will be delivered a week after your appointment. Your customised home-kit may be used to further whiten the teeth if required or to maintain them during the months and years to come if no further whitening is required immediately.

Client Testimonial

"I had a teeth whitening treatment done recently by Pearlys and was VERY happy with the results!!! As I had the same treatment done before I can compare and must say that my teeth are looking much whiter after having it done in Pearlys than the place before, well, I don't really know why but that's a fact. The whole procedure was very professional and relaxed and I will definitely do it again at Pearlys." Svetlana Hudecova, NW London

Celebrity Endorsement

"I've just had my teeth whitened; it's absolutely fantastic, my teeth look so white. Thank you all at Pearlys for being so friendly and really really nice" Alexandra Burke, Winner of X-Factor

"This is Oritse from JLS. I just want to give a big shout out to Liz & Joey at Pearlys for giving us the Pearlys smile and we've just had an amazing treatment and we're so so thankful that they've done this for us. We're definitely coming back and we'll be getting this done regularly, definitely" Oritse Williams JLS X-Factor

Other Treatments

Our experts also provide IPL permanent hair removal, acne treatments, sun damage treatment, and glycolic skin peels.

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