Pall Mall Barbers
27 Whitcomb Street
Pall Mall

Pall Mall Barbers is one of the finest independent barber shops in London, offering traditional barber services including wet shaving.

For more than 100 years, barbers at 27 Whitcomb Street have provided discerning men with the finest in haircutting and wet shaving services and grooming products. Our stylists give customers the opportunity to look and feel their best at competitive prices.

Style is looking good, looking sharp. It is your personal image, your manner of doing things. It can be read in the impression you make on walking into a business meeting or a party or even the local gym. In terms of simple psychology, a good haircut is the apotheosis of style, indicating high self-esteem and self-respect

The best mix of old school service and razor sharp haircuts...

Pall Mall Barbers are located on an historic site at 27 Whitcomb Street WC2, a narrow street that extends from Pall Mall to Leicester Square at Coventry Street. The street developed out of an ancient highway known as Colman Hedge Lane, which ran from Tyburn Road (now Oxford Street) in the north to the Old Royal Mews, or stables, which stood near the bottom of the lane until they were burned down in 1534. It is now the site of the National Gallery.

I just need to adjust the seat a bit more so I can expose the neck,” was Ben’s opinion. Personally I was wondering whether it was particularly wise to have my neck so open to the sharp elements. In fact I was having second thoughts about having a luxury traditional shave at all, even if it was at a top London barber shop. I started to think of all those mob films that I’m so accustomed to; I wish I hadn’t watched “Eastern Promises” the night before. Or maybe I had just gotten attached to my unruly stubble that I like to call a beard…

Anyway, Ben, one of the extremely skilled and experienced members of staff at Pall Mall Barbers London started to give my face close attention. I’d be willing to bet he knows more about my cheeks than my fiancée. Maybe this was part of the performance, I thought. Maybe, this was to prove he was an expert, I mean, what’s he looking for in amongst my stubble? I took the opportunity to point out that I have very sensitive skin, hence the beard and that it doesn’t seem to make a difference what products I use, I always get a rash. Ben smiles, he’s heard it all before. “Don’t worry; this will be a rash free shave. Now, how close do you want it? I can make you look like a 14 year old boy, if that’s what you want?” As this was a gift from my fiancée for my 30th birthday the idea to look young sounded appealing but I had no desire to go back to such Elysium days of youth and opted for the standard “with the grain” straight razor shave.

Once the inspection of my face was complete, Ben applied some shaving product which smelt of eucalyptus and then applied the hot towels. I’ve seen this bit in many films but the feeling has to be experienced; it is truly decadent and relaxing. I was almost disappointed when the towels came off, but was relieved when more sweet smelling product was applied and once again my face was lost amongst the steaming flannels. Eventually the pores had been suitably opened and my bristles softened into gentle beings and the towels were removed and the shaving brush was used to whip up a soapy lather and applied to my face.

Then came the crunch time. I was pleased to see that Ben did not suffer from shaking hands nor did he approach his job with an absent mind. He tackled my face with the concentration of a bomb disposal expert from “The Hurt Locker”, tackling each mole, contour and blemish with skill and - dare I say it - “Sweeney Todd” dexterity. Before I knew it, my face was once again soap free and I found myself looking into the eyes of a man I once knew ten years ago. But before this reunion had a chance to develop, Ben was once again slapping on more of the barber shop’s own branded product and out came the razor. Three times I went under the knife; never has my face experienced so many lotions, ointments and attention, and it showed. I now knew how the other half live on a daily basis. My face had experienced true luxury and was as smooth as… well, a baby’s bottom. For a man who tends to wear a beard through sheer laziness, it was a shock to see myself well groomed and Ben was right, there has been no rash and no ungainly ingrown hairs to speak off. We all need to be pampered now and again. We all need to be kind to ourselves, and so some head off to the luxury spas, some to the massage parlors. I personally like to head off to a classy London barbers tucked away in between Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square where I sit back, let the barber do what he does best and try not to think about mob vendettas.

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