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I’d like to say that on the two occasions I have been The Owl House Spa it has been a lovely and relaxing experience. Read my thoughts and my experience of the spa on:
4 years ago
Went to the Owl House today with my sisters and mum, we didn't know what to expect but on arrival we thought it was a beautiful setting and building. We were greeted by friendly, lovely staff and nothing was too much trouble. The décor is gorgeous with treatment rooms and rest rooms with beanbags, magazines and water all freely available. We all had the pig in mud treatment which made our skin really soft and was enjoyable, my sister and I both had the back massage which was amazing, I've had a few and this was the best by a mile, then we had the pedicure which was lovely. The hot tub was great and all the girls are so friendly, approachable, chatty, the list could go on how great they all were. We all personally loved it here and were completely relaxed, we all can't wait to treat our self's again, I'll be recommending to every one.
5 years ago
I visited The Owl House Spa as a 60th Birthday surprise for my mum and I had also recently had a baby so we both were in desperate need of relaxation and pampering.The location was stunning and we were made to feel very welcome as soon as we had arrived. The interior is beautifully decorated in a shaby chic effect. The staff were very friendly and attentive and nothing was too much trouble. I loved how we were left to relax and unwind and the girls came to find us when our treatments were ready. We had the pig in mud - Great fun, back massage, pedicure and manicure. All treatments were fantastic and specific to our needs. I loved how lunch is served in a hamper to take where we wanted and we could have it when we were hungry as opposed to a specific time. The food was delicious - very large portions too! yum yum! The girls also arranged for a birthday cup cake for my mum which was a lovely touch. The hot tub was perfect to relax in with a glass of champagne. Magazines and water a plenty and lovely lounge beds and bean bags to have a snooze or a natter on. Would 100% recommend The Owl House and have done so to many people as I feel it's much more personal than other larger establishments that I feel i'm just a number! Can't wait to go again!
5 years ago
I was recommended the Owl house spa by a friend. My wife and I was visiting the Spa to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We was brought champagne in the hot tub and enjoying some quality time bubbling away in the hot tub, before we went for our treatments..... I have got to say I was a little worried about a cut throat shave, however loved the whole experience and would recommend this treatment to men for a change. It was a wonderful experience! My wife went for the Rose cocoon which she is still raving about now. We are already planning our next visit.
5 years ago
Let me first say that the staff here were pleasant & polite & the massage and facial I had were both excellent. The setting is also lovely: What appears to be a converted set of stables in the very lush and pleasant grounds of an old priory. This has the potential to be a very nice day spa but I’m afraid it’s not there yet for the following reasons. Firstly, what separates a spa and a beauty salon offering similar luxery treatments is the presence of at the very least a sauna, steam room and quite often a cold shower, plunge pool & jacuzzi. The idea should be that you could simply opt to spend a few hours in the Spa, ignoring the treatments, and still come away feeling relaxed and refreshed. That is why “Spa days” or “Spa afternoons” etc have hours built in to them when you’re not scheduled to be having any treatments – time when you can enjoy the other facilities. At Owl House Day Spa we were certainly given hours to while away but nothing much to while them away with. The only facilities are a couple of rooms with beanbags, magazines & blankets, some day beds and in the courtyard a hot-tub. Yes. A hot tub. Sounds fun you say. It isn't. Hot tubs are not jacuzzis. The water is not constantly filtered and cleaned. It sits there thickening with oil, dead skin & grit until it is emptied & replaced. Not such an issue at a private party where a couple of people will spend at most an hour in the tub. Definitely an issue when woman after woman gets it, sometimes after an oil or mud based treatment, and sits for long enough for the dead skin on their feet to start to flake off. In this particular tub the water was tinged with green & there was detritus floating on the top & lurking at the bottom. We sat in it for want for something to do but it left me feeling sticky & dirty rather than cleansed and relaxed. After 3 1/2 hours of hanging around we finally got taken through for our first treatment - The Pig in Mud Experience. A strange one this - you're taken to a sort of steam room come shower with two deep chairs facing each other. We were both handed pots with mud, told to rub it over our bodies then sit & wait for the "tropical rain shower" to wash it away. It was pleasant enough but we were given about a third the mud we'd need to really cover ourselves. After that we had our other treatments - a massage & facial for me, a massage & pedicure for my friends - & neither one of us had any complaints. All in all this place has bags of potential. The setting & staff are great. Its beautifully decorated & apart from the hot tub, very clean. But its simply not fair to market it as a spa when there are no real spa facilities. Especially when we were asked to arrive at 1 & then told wed not have our first treatment until 4.30. The hot tub just isn't appropriate. A for reasons of cleanliness and B because of it had been raining we'd not have wanted to venture outside, even to get into a tub & so the only thing we'd have been able to do in our 3 1/2 hour wait would have been sit on a beanbag reading magazines. Had we really understood what facilities there were and had we known when we'd be having out first treatment we have asked to arrive much later in the day. If they add a sauna, steam room & some sort of cold shower/plunge pool, get rid of the hot tub completely & hand out a lot more mud for the pig in Mud treatment it'd be top notch. As it stands though it's a high quality salon masquerading as a spa.
5 years ago
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Owl House Day Spa
The Crew Yard
Langley Priory
DE73 8BB

The Owl House is a brand new Boutique Day Spa located in the grounds of Langley Priory - a short drive from East Midlands Airport yet deep in the heart of the English countryside.

The Owl House Day Spa boasts 8 luxuriously decorated treatment rooms, including two double therapy suites and a decadent manicure and pedicure area with plush, luxurious seating and sunken foot baths.

The Hayloft Suite is our premier suite which adjoins the Herbal Steam Chamber and Double Experience Shower; ideal for a special treatment or Owl House Signature Body Ritual.

Step outside into the Crew Yard Zen Garden, surrounded by quintessential English countryside.

The Owl House Day Spa grows and nurtures its very own organic herb garden, ready to be handpicked for the Herbal Steam Chamber.

The Crew Yard Zen Garden is also home to the tempting warm waters of the outdoor Hot Tub.

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