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This salon is fillthy also needs a total revamp, not just dirt with hair lying on floor and chairs but so so tired skirtings and the stylist trolleys are filthy,the brush the stylist used in my hair was full of other peoples hair.(looked like a months worth) No running hot water to wash your hands and a manky old hairdressing towel to dry. Young friendly stylist who will be good when she gains more much needed experience. Working on her own doing hair stopping 5 times to answer phone but friendly unlike the beautician who stared at you and didnt smile and did not speak atall. I would be horrified to have a massage in that place its ssooo dirty bad enough the gowns are smelling of last 20 customers hence they were smelling of B.O. They clearly use online products covered up with Salon Services stickers as my hair is breaking off and so dry and the extremely strong smell of the products is scary what it must be doing to your hair. My cut took all of 5 minutes and hair still damp as she didnt dry it properly. I would never return to any of these salons as the EAST KILBRIDE one is the same(inferior staff and very quick and unfinished cuts etc. I was also appolled at the 2 cameras at the till(clearly the owners dont trust the staff) I found this intimidating when they can see you whilst your having hair done. Whilst in East KIlbride salon guys were coming in to hand the staff what looked like a lot of money(supposidly for flat rentals). OWNERS HAVE STAFF DOING A MILLION JOBS AND THEY NEVER SHOW FACE APART FROM THROUGH THE NIGH MMMMMMM I would rather pay more for my hair and feel clean when its done, I had to go home and change clothes as I felt gruby. Never again
9 months ago
I booked this without a voucher for myself and my sister as a treat for her birthday. The place was not clean. My massage was just so-so but my facial was awful, couldn't call it a facial. I never got my face massaged. Quickly and harshly put a cleanser on the roughly taken off, quickly and harshly put the exfoliator on then taken off harshly, quickly a mask painted on my face and then left for 20mins in a room that had relaxing music but was overshadowed by the tv on the wall directly outside the room. After 20 mins the mask was removed and a cream applied and told that was it. I had paid for a half hour facial. I have had many and this is by far the worst. No gently stroking or pressure on temples. Don't waste money, not relaxing at all and to think I took my sister as a treat.... so so bad :-(
10 months ago
was there last week with my best friend and my daughter, the staff were lovely, very chatty and happy. really enjoyed the day and LOVE MY HAIR probs be back next time i'm in the area xx
2 years ago
i have done hair cut and coloring traetment and give them 3 star .but have weight more then 30 minutes
2 years ago
I found the therapist very good. The facial and massage excellent. She was friendly and welcoming. I would go back to them again.
2 years ago
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Oceanic Hair & Beauty Glasgow South Side
258 Albert Drive
G41 2NL

Oceanic Hair and Beauty aims to create and develop your individual style with our knowledge of the best professional techniques and products available, in relaxed and stylish surroundings.

Come to us for all your hair needs, indulge in our beauty treatments and experience excellent value for your money,

This venue is women only.

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