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The lady who did the waxing wasn't particularly friendly and seemed in a rush even though she went straight onto her phone when we were done. They don't offer hot wax even though that's what I requested and it was extremely painful (bearing in mind i have a high threshold for these things). I wouldn't go back even though it's a 2 minute walk from my house and definitely wouldn't recommend for a wax.
a year ago
Had a cut and finish by Christine in Hoxton, excellent!! Great service
2 years ago
Great value for money, the treatment was quick and professional and the staff were friendly and made me feel at ease.
3 years ago
Appaulled by the treatment - left me bruished and a burning face for several weeks. when I spoke to the manager about my treatment she was rude and did not return my money - I had paid for 6 treaments for microdermabrasion from groupon. during my treatment the lady tried to cover my bruising by massaging around my eyes to cover up what she had done. Then tried to sell me products £50 a piece. salon was poorly decorated and room was small and not clean. DO NOT ATTEND NAINA'S BEAUTY BOX WOODFORD.
3 years ago
I bought a Groupon voucher for 6 sessions of Laser Hair Removal treatment on my arms, legs and hollywood for £299. I had my patch test done and it came back alright so I went ahead and did the treatments. Before my first session, I had to pay £60 to do the back bit since they do not include in hollywood. I chose the salon at Woodford as it was closer to my home. First session, there was a misuse of record books and the "technician" forgot to do the back. I believe she does not know what she's doing, she looked confused and barely speak any English. She was hoovering through my skin and not exposing every inch to the light because the light is pulsing and not continuous even with no background knowledge of the treatment I could tell that it wasn't supposed to be like that. It's just common sense to expose your skin to the light. I got home and did some research about Laser Hair Removal treatments since it is my first time and had no idea how it works. The treatments weren't supposed to be like that. The technicians need to take their time exposing every inch of your skin to the light for it to be effective. So, I called the salon back and told them what happened and asked the manager to do the second session since she sounded more experienced than the other lady. Second session, the manager seemed like she's doing a great job I felt relieved. At the end of the session, I had to talk to the manager about the disaster that has happened on the first session. I asked for an additional session because first session wasn't done properly but she said there's nothing she could do about it. She said I should have said something right there and then but how could I? I trusted them to know what they're doing. With all that in mind, when I got home I realized that she did not do the back bit as well! I phone Groupon and asked them for a refund and I got my money back. However, Naina's Beauty Box's owner refuses to give the money I paid in store (£60) and forces me to continue with the treatments if I wanted to make the most of my money because she believes that I've done the treatments for my back even though I did not. If you have bought the voucher on Groupon for Naina's Beauty Box, I'd advise you to get a refund it's really not worth it. You'll get patches of skin without hair and some with hair. It looks bad and you will notice where they've exposed the light to and where they did not. Naina's Beauty Box is a dodgy place, I will absolutely definitely would not recommend this salon for laser hair removal treatments.
3 years ago
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Nainas Beauty Box Essex
130 Snakes Lane East
Woodford Green

Ideally situated close to Woodford station is Naina's Beauty Box, a contemporary beauty and laser salon in Essex which has several branches nationwide. Open Tuesday to Saturday, the highly trained, efficient staff are on hand to provide high quality treatments at competitive prices in a calm, relaxing environment.

There are a number of superior yet affordable services to choose from, including full body waxing, gel nails and reflexology, all of which are carefully carried out by the hardworking team. Visit today and you will be sure to receive excellent value for money and long lasting results.

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